A Very Tarte Christmas | Limited Editions

We’re heading over to the US of A for this little haul from Tarte (even though it has actually come across the pond recently) and I’ve been using these bad boys for a couple of weeks now. I feel they are certainly worthy of a review. I also thought that these palettes are quite festive-y.

Tarte Cosmetics PackagingThese eyeshadow palettes are limited edition so I believe they’re not available online? Correct me if I’m wrong. I bought them because Tarte at the time was having a huge sale on some of their products which made them much more affordable and also at the time I was like, ‘well fuck it, I’m treating myself.

So first up is the Rainforest Of The Sea, Volume II. The packaging is super luxe and made out of thick plastic so it has a little bit of weight to it. I LOVE the design of this eyeshadow palette and they’ve really taken the time to make something that will bring a little bit of happiness to my mornings when I pick out my eyeshadow.

Rainforest Tarte PackagingRainforest of the Sea paletteThe shades themselves are 0.5oz each which to me sounds like quite a bit of product in each of the pans. The selection of colours is perfect for me because ya know I love my browns.

The compact palette comes with a sizeable mirror which is perfect for when I’m on the go. I swatched the shades below so will quickly go through some of them. What I noticed with this palette is that it takes a little swishing of the brush to get the right amount of pigment on the brush. I like that the shades are buildable though because I’m less likely to mess it up.

The names of the shades are all related to the sea so Pearl is a gorgeous almost white, iridescent shade that I use to illuminate the corners of my eyes or as a highlighter for the brow bone.The shimmer on Sunset is stunning and has become a go-to for my day to day eye looks. Siren is a rich chocolatey shade that I’ve been combining with the Cocoa Blend Zoeva palette shades.

Rainforest Eyeshadow SwatchesI’ve not tried Riptide yet because it’s a dark ass colour and I’m petrified. It looks beautiful on my skin but I’ve yet to try it on my eyes. Instead of it being a matte or shimmer black, it has tones of blue in it so it probably won’t look as harsh when blended.

Next up is the Make Believe In Yourself palette which I think is actually a great name in a time where we’re our own worst critics. The geometric pattern on the packing is what I want on all of my future home decor, it’s just super pretty.

This palette is a little more interesting, particularly because it’s made up of mostly shimmers. AND IT SMELLS OF CHOCOLATE. Every time you open the palette, you get a waft of chocolate – no joke. Pixie is the only matte shade within the palette and it also contains a sheer, white gold highlighter in the middle. 

Tarte Make Believe PackagingMake Believe EyeshadowsMake Believe Eyeshadow SwatchesThis palette is definitely one that will challenge me to branch out a little more with my eye-shadow choices. I think I could definitely pull off the Dream and Mystic shade. Pixie and Wings make a great combination together and give a rustier, rose gold finish. 

I also think Marvel is the perfect shade to wear around the festive season. It’s a rich gold shimmer and every time I swatch it, it reminds me of those red and gold ribbons we used to decorate our Christmas tree with. It gives me all the feels.

Tarte Eyeshadow PalettesThese palettes are stunning. I’ve found though that the shimmer shades are much easier to apply with a finger because I don’t have a brush that’s dense enough to keep the product from falling down the bristles. The highlighter isn’t my favourite but I’ll use it if I take the palette out with me.

What do you think of these limited editions? Let me know in the comments below.



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