The Must Have Fashion Item This Winter

I love nothing more than enveloping my body in layers and layers of clothing during the Winter, so imagine my delight when shearling is hot on trend for AW17. It’s on shoes, it’s on jumpers and most importantly, it’s on coats. You may have spotted my recent wishlist on Autumn fashion and this was one of my saved items.

Shearling CoatNew Look has always been my favourite high street clothes store. I’ve always found what I’ve wanted in their shops and I’m never really disappointed in the quality or styles of clothing that they churn out throughout the seasons. If New Look ever asked me to do anything – I mean, I’m here guys.

This gorgeous Mink Faux Shearling Biker Jacket is the perfect winter warmer for my wardrobe and it goes with pretty much anything. Whether it’s trousers or leggings, the length of this jacket is just long enough to cut off at my hips and gives me a nice shape without drowning in fabric.

Close up of coatClose up of coatThe jacket comes in multiple colours but I wanted to something that was pretty neutral that would go with a lot of the clothes already in my wardrobe, but wasn’t black. The faux shearling lining in the jacket comes right down the arms, perfect for keeping them toasty if you’re donning a short sleeved top.

Travelling in London tends to be a nightmare scenario as you’re walking up and down stairs, hopping onto packed trains and tubes. So therefore, you need something light but keeps you warm. This jacket is surprisingly light to hold considering it’s material is predominately faux shearling. 

At £49.99, we’re going into the more pricier end of New Look but their quality stays consistent and it’s a jacket you’d expect to see on display at All Saints.

Shearling CoatThere’s no doubt that this will be my go-to coat for the rest of the year and I can’t wait to start pairing it with my many scarves and bobble hats.

Have you invested in some cosy outerwear yet? Let me know what you have in the comments below!

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