The 5 Pairs Of Shoes You Should Own


As I gaze off at my collection of shoes, I’m embarrassed to say that I often struggle to pick out a pair of shoes. And I have a lot of shoes, so why do I struggle? I think it’s because I often buy shoes that really only go with one or two outfits and that can end up becoming an issue when you have a wardrobe crammed full of clothes. So it got me thinking that I need to do a little purge on my shoe collection and finally get some shoes that I know will work with what I have in my wardrobe.

ShoesI’ve compiled a list of the five pairs of shoes you should have in your collection so you can avoid that staring into the abbess of your shoe rack, wandering why you have so many shoes but so little choice.



These are the ultimate in comfort. You’ll normally wear them for the gym, on lazy days or perhaps for your commute into work. Whatever the situation, they are chosen because you can wear them for a long period of time without feeling as though your feet are on fire.

When it comes to buying trainers, I feel there’s three types that you can choose from. You have the traditional trainer like the Adidas Alphabounce Beyond that’s perfect for running and doing most forms of exercise. Then you have the more stylish trainers such as these Daisy Wide Fit Trainers, that you can wear with a variety of outfits. And then there’s the classic Converse trainers which are great for everyday use and will certainly be your most lived-in shoes. 


Black Heels

There’s so many heels of varying, dizzying heights and I for one find shopping for a pair of heels very stressful. After buying so many, I found that having a simple and plain pair of black heels, would solve all my problems. For example, these black strap heels are no fuss and are perfect for the Summer.

For something that’s a little chunky yet funky (and probably more comfier) the Lola Two Part Platform Heels are a great alternative. Court Heels are also a great in between to flats and stiletto heels. They look fashionable but won’t cause you agony. Next have these gorgeous Signature Point Court Shoes with a patent finish.



A pair of booties whether they’re ankle or knee high, are a great staple to have in your shoe collection. You can’t go wrong with a ASOS Revive Chelsea Boot and I’ve worn mine into the ground since I got them in November last year. I’m not sure how I feel about these types of boots yet but these Khaki Block Heel Sock Boots are currently very popular at the moment. 

With knee high boots, these Remi Mocha Over The Knee Heeled Boots are lush and go really well with jeans and t-shirt dresses.



These are the sophisticated sister of the flats. They add a touch of class to your look, just take a gander at these ASOS Movement Leather ones. Most of these loafers tend to come in similar styles, with either a buckle on the front or tassels. I love these Avenue Tassel Loafers from Aldi of all places.


Ballet Pumps

Oh the ballet pump. These were my everything during high school and university and I’m a little shook to notice I don’t own a single pair in my collection. These are the shoes that go with pretty much anything. They don’t tend to last very long but they are the savoir to tired feet and they fit in your handbag.

There’s so many variations of the ballet pump but a few examples would be Topshop’s Soft Ballerina Pumps and these sassy ASOS LASSIE Ballet Flats that just give me all of the Scary Spice vibes.

What shoes do you think are staples in a shoe collection. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post and also contains affiliate links. All words are my own.

The Five Pairs Of Shoes

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