Top 5 Up & Coming Places To Live In London


London is a city that’s constantly changing, constantly improving and therefore when it comes to buying property in and around London, it’s good to know what’s up and coming in the property market.


Moving Away From The City

Myself and Sam have always talked about what would happen if we ever moved away from London. We’ve talked often about America and I think this is definitely something we could do in the future. 

I think for us, we’ll need to get a property here in London first before looking into the USA. I also feel that property would be more affordable in parts of the US. For now though, as myself and Sam are currently saving for a property of our own, it’s good to know what areas of London are highly sought after.



It’s a town that’s already quite affordable for most Londoners. Acton’s known for trendy bars and it’s independent cafes. It’s also great for transport, having three central line stations, along with Overground and train stations, perfect for avoiding any kinds of transport delays. Acton became famous oddly for it’s laundries and is nicknamed the Soapsuds Island or Soap Sud City.

Currently, properties to rent start from around £600pcm and the average is around £1,000-£2,000pcm. There are plenty of two bedroom flats available for under £300,000.



Everytime Croydon is mentioned, it’s met with a resounding hiss of disapproval. 

It’s a place I’ve been told is rough but a word commonly used when it comes to London is that it’s being gentrified. With good transport links into London and an extensive shopping district, Croydon is transforming into a more appealing place to live in. 

Properties to rent in Croydon sit comfortably lower than most areas around London which are from around £450pcm. Average is £1,200pcm for a two bed flat. Two-bed properties for sale are around the £275,000 mark.



Lewisham is a town close to my heart because it’s a place I’ve lived nearby since moving into London. Located near Cutty Sark, Lewisham is the perfect alternative hub for shopping. With a reasonable high street and shopping centre, there’s a real sense of community that doesn’t really exist much in the big city. 

Renting property in Lewisham is around £1,500-£2,000pcm and properties go for as cheap as £240,000.



If you’ve never been to Catford, then the giant cat statue placed on top of their town sign is something you really need to see. With Lewisham’s infrastructure changing and developing, Catford is seeing the positive effects of this change. Property is also at a reduced rate compared to Lewisham which is even better.

Average rent is around £1,100pcm and you can grab yourself a property for around £350,000.


Wood Green

There’s a lot of trouble that seems to come from Wood Green from gangs and violence, run down shopping areas and a rising crime rate. The future though does look a little brighter after a £2 billion land deal has been confirmed that will create 5,000 new homes and a new town centre. So maybe, this is just what Wood Green needs.

You can expect to currently rent a two-bed property for £1,200pcm and sales on property are from £350,000.

What places would you consider are the best right now in London? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Abodo. All words are my own.


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