Ways To Make Money From Home


The wonderful thing about blogging is that you aren’t limited to the amount of money that you can earn and since I’ve started making money on my blog, I think everyone should have the opportunity to make more money than just what they get in their monthly pay packet.

MoneyIt’s an amazing feeling to finally earn money from something a lot of people still find difficult to understand. The world of blogging is new and exciting and I think anyone with a creative hand should have a go at blogging, even if it’s just to use as a platform to express one’s views.

So with that in mind, there’s plenty of ways to make money from home. Here’s just a few that I’ve found have worked for me and also some I’d like to try.


Start Your Own Blog/Business

Of course, I’m going to start off with the way I make money and that’s through having this blog. A lot of bloggers also earn money from running their own businesses which include offering e-courses and creating various help guides that they sell to their readers. 

The ways I earn money through my blog are from sponsored collaborations, product reviews and affiliate marketing. The best ways of finding these opportunities are through Facebook Groups (like Official UK Bloggers, UK Blogger Opportunities). There’s also hashtags on Twitter that regularly advertise work too (#bloggersrequired #prrequests). You can also look for PR companies who do blogger outreach and contact them.

There are also websites emerging that bring together both brand and blogger. Ginger Marketing is a great example of how you can monetize your blog with content.


Sell Your Jewellery Online

It’s one of the more traditional avenues of earning money but to sell jewellery for cash online would be a great way of making some serious money if it’s of great value. Most offer a free service where you send your jewellery using their postal service so you don’t lose out on postage.


Try Your Luck With Online Gambling

Online Gambling has become widely more available since the birth of the Internet. There are so many sites that exist and each one of them will offer incentives to new customers such as £10 free credit on their games. And don’t forget, you have to be in it, to win it.


Fill Out Surveys And Review Products

I feel like I’ve mentioned surveys on my blog before and have recommended Global Test Market, whom I’ve managed to earn around £50 just from filling out surveys. There’s also websites out there that offer free gifting services like BzzAgent. Another site I’ve used in the past is Buzzoole which gifts you Amazon Vouchers in return for working with various clients.

Other sites I would recommend for reviewing products are The Blogger Programme and Bloggers Required.


Sell Your Photography Online

Some of the bloggers I see on the daily have some of the most beautiful photos which is why if you’re a dab hand at photography, selling your photos online can earn you a few bob/dollars/pennies. Sites to look at for selling your photography are Shutterstock, Getty Images and istockphotos.


Get Paid For Searching The Internet

Yep you can actually get paid for searching the internet. Qmee is a downloadable chrome extension that will show up some sponsored results when searching for something. Clicking on these will earn you a few pence and even though it’s a small amount, it can certainly grow. We all use the Internet a lot so why not earn for the time you spend browsing?


Write A Book For Kindle

Becoming self-published as an author is so much more accessible now that we have services like Amazon which offer anyone the opportunity to publish their books via Kindle, earning royalties of up to 70% on sales. You can also publish in print too which is pretty incredible. I have always been interested in writing a book so I’d definitely be keen publish my own book one day.

Have you managed to earn money from home? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Boom Town Bingo and PostMyGold. All words are my own.



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