America Why Won’t You Take Your Guns Away?

I’m sitting at home, at the age of 25, on my bed when Sam tells me about another school massacre in Florida. The news hits me but I feel nothing. Why?

Well I’m honestly not surprised.

Florida Shooting VictimsAmerica talks about how great their country is. About how they’re proud to be Americans. Of course I get that, I’m proud to be British. But when your country has amassed multiple school shootings within just under two months of 2018. You have to be ignorant to think that’s the norm.

Yet the most hated US President – Mr Donald Twat Trump is blaming not the guns but the mental health of the expelled student. He almost blames the victims which just boils my blood. Let me tell you something pretty obvious Mr Trump, do you think that ‘mentally disturbed‘ individual would have killed 17 people if he hadn’t have gotten easy access to guns. God NO! Even if he had a knife, he wouldn’t have caused as much damage.

It’s shocking that even after the events of Sandy Hook in which twenty children between the ages of six and seven lost their lives, nothing has been done to get rid of guns. If America were a person in front of me, I’d be shaking them, telling them to WAKE UP.

In a world that is often full of violence, most of it seems to be happening right now on the doorsteps of the American people. Families shouldn’t have to lose their children. Children shouldn’t have to be scared to go to their own school because they don’t know whether their classmate has a gun in their backpack. Why do these kids have guns in the first place and why are they so accessible? 

The NRA is a powerful organisation and I know this to be true because if it wasn’t, then something would have changed by now. It’s lack of change is probably due to money but also because it’s members are at 5 million and that equates to a considerable voice when it comes to political power.

But we can change that. Strength is in numbers and even though this is yet another tragedy, each one that happens, I would hope is making more people angry, it’s making them pause and go ‘wait, this isn’t right and I’m not going to let this go’. Celebrities are increasingly using their own platforms to encourage action and hopefully in the near future, this will cause change. And if that’s not the case? Well those 17 lives are just another 17 lives that were lost without justice.

As a 25 year old, sitting on my bed in London, you’d think nothing could change. But what if?

My call to action for you is to tweet, it’s to converse with others both online and down your pub. Get angry towards gun crime and we’ll prevent another horror like this happening again. My heart goes all to all those that have lost loved ones in this senseless attack on the American people.


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