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Can you believe that we’re finally heading into Spring? The start of hopefully many more days filled with sunshine and believe me, I really need some Vitamin D right now. Vintage Apple Crates sent me over a mahoosive crate a few weeks back and when it arrived, I was pretty shooketh. Mainly because it was way bigger than I expected and I suddenly realised…I don’t own any muddy boots.

Muddy Boots CrateThis weekend just gone was spent with Sam’s parents and boy was it an active weekend. Myself and Sam have definitely let ourselves slip into the perils of adulthood. We’ve gained a few pounds here and there which I think we’ve both noticed in one another.

For me, blogging takes up so much of my time (and I mean A LOT), that I stopped going to the gym and instead focused on my blog. Of course, my metabolism is not what it was back in high school – god I wish it was. So, I put on a few pounds. Sam’s mum kicked us up the bum and we ended up doing a 5K run on the Saturday and spinning on the Sunday. We’re changing what and how much we eat and we’re now on a proper fitness health kick. YAY!

Muddy BootsWe brought up the Muddy Boots Crate to Sam’s parents because they live in an area where there’s plenty of mud to be found, unlike us city dwellers. I thought this would be a fantastic way of storing their boots and so to avoid any messy situations.

The crate itself can probably fit around 4-6 pairs of boots if piled up on top of one another so there’s plenty of space if you are a family of four. The crate costs £29.99 and it’s made out of sturdy wood. The boxes are all hand stenciled and each crate sourced by the company is a genuine vintage apple crate.

Muddy BootsThe crates are also given a light sanding to upcycle them and make them fit for usage at home. Vintage Apple Crates creates a whole host of boxes of all shapes and sizes and they definitely would give your home a more rustic and lived in appeal. Sadly for us, with the lack of a garden or muddy surroundings, this isn’t suited for us.

However, with an apartment to fill (yes apologies I’m going to be mentioning it forever now on my blog), there’s plenty of home furniture that I’m obsessed with and lusting over. Furniture like the ladder shelf which is entirely hand made and would definitely look great with some plants and frames on it.

A few others from the site are the bathroom caddy which is essentially a storage shelf for all your bits and bobs. I also love the wine rack and I think once we got a bigger place, I’d have plenty of these. 

Sam’s parents are really happy with their crate and I hope they get a lot of use out of it. Go check out Vintage Apple Crates and let me know what you think in the comments below.

*Disclaimer – I was gifted this crate in return for my own honest review. All words are my own.


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