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SPRING HAS OFFICIALLY SPRUNG. I must admit, I’m frantically waving goodbye at Winter because girl it’s been a toughie. We’ve had more snow than one could ever need and want (especially as I’m not at school anymore) and I’m also sick of waking up in a ice box that is my room in the morning. So Holiday Gems decided to lift by spirits by asking me to share some of my favourite holiday moments here on my blog.

Holiday MomentsHolidays whether they are here in the UK or somewhere abroad in the big, wide world are always needed. No matter what, a break away from work is often needed so don’t forget that. I’ve had plenty of holiday memories both growing up with my family and travelling with my feyonce Sam.


New York

Oh the bright lights of NYC and how I hope to go back there very soon. This was a trip that my mum and dad paid for as my 21st birthday present because ya know, 21 is that iconic year – it’s all down hill from there. It was a mother/daughter trip where we crammed in all of the tourist sights within just a few days.

One of the holiday moments from this trip was actually whilst we were travelling from our flat in London to the airport. Travelling at a busy time on the underground in the morning, my mum got onto the tube with a big suitcase. I had another suitcase and quickly realised we’d both be unable to get on.

New YorkSo I ushered mum off but not in enough time. Her head got caught in the tube doors which resulted in utter panic from my mum.

With the help of a few passengers she’d got her head out but somehow managed to trap her bag. It was hysterical at the time and we often burst out laughing whenever we recall our trip to New York.



After living in London for almost four years, it was surprising that we hadn’t actually visited Brighton, a seaside town not too far away from the city. Even more so because we’ve been to a seaside university so you’d think we’d be itching to go. We went for my last birthday back in 2017 and stayed in a traditional B&B that reminded me of Blackpool, very dated.

BrightonThere was so much to do in Brighton but we spent the majority of it just mooching around the high-streets and across the pier where we spent a good amount of time wasting away 2ps in the amusement arcades. Such big kids but we loved it.



It’s my favourite place that I’ve visited today and I think it’s up there with the likes of NYC and Florida. It’s a beautiful city that’s steeped with so much history. We were there for a few days to celebrate Sam’s birthday and we managed to cram in a considerable amount of the sights such as the great Colosseum, the Pantheon and the iconic Spanish Steps.

Rome ColloseumFavourite holiday moment from this trip has to be relaxing during the evening in the old parts of the city, especially the Trastevere which had various street performers in this square and some beautiful open bars and restaurants where you could enjoy a cocktail or two outside in the blazing sun.



Of course, I had to include our recent trip to Morocco because my favourite holiday moment of all time happened here. It’s the place I got proposed to! Aside from getting traveler’s belly (which was not at all fun) we managed to take a day trip out to Marrakesh and explore the wonderful town of Agadir.

EngagementObviously the holiday highlight was the moment Sam proposed to me. He’d been planning the surprise for nearly three months and I had honestly no idea that it was happening. The whole moment was a cascade of emotions but the stunning setting of the sun going down on Agadir beach was perfect. Sam asked me to be his girlfriend way back at university in Aberystwyth and he proposed to me on a beach too. Perfect.


Porthcawl, Wales

This place will forever hold a special place in my heart because we went on plenty of holidays to Porthcawl growing up. My parents owned a static caravan for several years and much to our disappoint (mostly when we were hitting teenage angst), my parents definitely got their money’s worth. Looking back on it, I actually miss it quite a lot of my favourite holiday moment from the many times we went would be dancing to ‘I Gotta Feeling‘ by Black Eyed Peas with my mum. Oh all of the feels!

Do you have a favourite holiday moment? Let me know about them in the comments below. Meanwhile after a quick getaway? Find some of the cheapest holidays from Holiday Gems. It’s a great site for short-haul destinations.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Holiday Gems. All words are my own.

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