5 Reasons To Visit Holland This Year


When people think of Holland the city of Amsterdam springs to mind. Amsterdam is a fantastic city with many attractions, but Holland as a whole also has plenty to offer the tourist. Holland is located in central Europe, being an excellent spot as a base for travelling to the surrounding countries. Inter-railing is a popular way of discovering Europe and be sure to spend a little time discovering what Holland has to offer.


You have the option of flying, travelling by ferry or Eurostar when visiting Holland from the UK. Flying can be great value, if you manage to secure a low fare, it is also fast. A more leisurely option would be to travel by ferry. If you opt to book a cabin and stay overnight you will wake up thoroughly refreshed at your destination. You could make your ferry trip part of your holiday as there is so much to do on board!

Here are some great reasons for visiting Holland.



Yes, Amsterdam is most people’s main reason for visiting Holland and with good reason. Amsterdam is often referred to as the Venice of the north, with its myriad of canals and 1500 bridges. Amsterdam has much more to offer the tourist than the red light district and “coffee” shops, although this is a star attraction for the many stag parties visiting the area.

Once you look beyond the aforementioned, you discover that Amsterdam has stunning architecture offering fantastic photo opportunities, historical sites, arts and culture. The museum of Anne Frank is also situated in Amsterdam and is a wonderful opportunity to discover more about Anne Frank in an authentic and subdued atmosphere, sympathetic with her experiences.

The best way to discover the hidden gems which Amsterdam has to offer is by bike. Bike is the main form of transport which is conducive with a clean city environment. Bikes allow you freedom to discover the narrow streets, well away from the usual tourist route. Thingstodoinamsterdam.com will provide inspiration so that you can plan your trip to Amsterdam.



Holland is world renowned for its tulips and is home to the largest flower auction in the world – Royal Floraholland. Over 20 million flowers and plants are sold every day. It is possible to visit Royal Floraholland, but you will need to get up very early in the morning.

Holland provides a huge range of tulip bulbs to the rest of the world. To see the tulips at their most impressive, when they are in flower, consider factoring in a visit to Holland between mid march and mid may (the peak time being the end of April), when the tulip fields will be filled with colour. Keukenhof Gardens is the second largest flower garden in the world which stretches over 32 hectares. It’s a fantastic venue to see the tulips in all their glory presented in manicured gardens.



The cheese produced in Holland is world famous. Edam to cheddar there is a variety of cheeses to choose from. Spices are often used to flavour cheese and Leyden cheese is flavoured with cumin.

It’s not all about cheese though, waffles, pancakes and croquettes are also popular as is chocolate spread on fresh bread. Dutch cuisine is often described as being fairly rustic with fresh bread and vegetables featuring highly. Dairy products are consumed a lot and the meat served is in small quantities.



Van Gogh has a museum dedicated to his work. It has the largest display of Van Gogh’s paintings in the world. To have the opportunity to view his paintings in real life is an extraordinary experience.

Although Van Gogh is most likely Holland’s most famous painter Rembrandt and Vermeer’s work remains as popular today as they were in the 1600’s. There are several museums throughout Holland which honour their work.

If you prefer modern and contemporary art you could opt to visit stedelijk museum in Amsterdam and see works from Andy Warhol and Henri Matisse.


Efteling Theme Park

Efteling is one of the oldest theme parks in the world and was built before the original Disneyland, It is also twice the size! The park is focused on fairy tales, myths and legends.

A real forest is used as the setting for the biggest attraction which is based around several of the Grimms fairy tales and Hans Christian Andersen. The park is totally designed to spark imagination as well as cater for thrill seekers with several white knuckle rides.

Hopefully this guide has highlighted some of the wonderful attractions Holland has to offer.

Have you ever been to Holland before? It’s certainly on my travel bucket list. Let me know in the comments below.


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