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Ever since I got my upper lip hair lasered off, it had me thinking about the world of beauty, especially when it comes to getting cosmetic enhancements. Yep, I’m talking about all things Botox. Now I don’t think I could ever have Botox just because I’m not a massive fan of needles anyway and it looks pretty painful. I also don’t like the ideas of injecting foreign liquids into my face. But if you’ve done the research and decided it is something for you, Botox London services cater for your every need.

BotoxHowever, living in London, I’ve only become more aware that both men and women seem to be getting these treatments, mainly because it’s so accessible.

What was once a procedure that was deemed expensive and for those in the public eye has now become something that’s being used by everyone who wants to give their features a little lift. The men’s Botox otherwise known as Brotox is also becoming a more popular treatment.

But as I read the Google pages of news on Botox, there seems to be a hell of a lot of bad practices out there that are taking advantage of the hype and thus leading to botched treatments.

So to draw from those bad experiences, if you’re seriously considering Botox, take this as some helpful advice.


Ask Yourself If It’s What YOU Want

When it comes to doing anything to pamper yourself whether it’s getting your nails done to having a tummy tuck, make sure it’s for you and not anyone else. Like most cosmetic procedures, Botox has it’s risks, people get addicted to having too much of it so be sure to really think it through before deciding to go ahead with it.


Do Your Research

There are plenty of practices out there that administer Botox but there’s hundreds of others that are dodgy. Doing your research is key to going with the right individual or clinic. This isn’t like researching where to go for the best Chinese in town, so take it seriously.

Read reviews of previous or current clients, compare prices because yes it can be fairly pricey but you don’t have to go breaking the bank balance because you’ve stumbled onto one that’s used by all of the celebrities.


Make Sure They Are Qualified

There’s nothing more scary than reading about customers who’ve had treatments by un-qualified individuals. Your face and other body parts are in the hands of others so make sure those hands are on the body of someone who’s fully qualified to take out the procedure.

Things to look out for is certificates from recognised bodies which you can ask for. Experience is also something you can query and any before and after photos of past treatments they’ve done.


GMC Registered & Insured

Just an added follow on, making sure they are GMC registered and that they are properly insured in the event of something going wrong is also very important. GMC is the General Medical Council but you’ve also got the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) and the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN). Insurance is also key because if something were to go wrong, you’ll want to make sure you are properly compensated for it.

Don’t feel embarrassed or weary about asking for any of these things, you are full within your right, especially if it’s your first time with Botox.


Less Is More

When it comes to the treatment itself, less is always more. Only go with the work you planned to get, regardless of the additional recommendations the practitioner makes. That way you will leave feeling content and not having spent more or had more Botox in places where you didn’t have chance to fully consider it.

What do you think of Botox? Would you ever consider it? Let me know in the comments below. If you’re looking for a suitable service then check out Courthouse Clinics.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Courthouse Clinics. All words are my own.

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