Designing A Bedroom You Won’t Get Bored Of


One of the exciting things I’m looking forward to when we move into our own home (which is in two weeks – OMFG) is that we’ll get to design our place the way we want to. No longer will we be limited to what we can hang on our walls or do with the space because hey, we won’t be renting anymore. Designing our bedroom is one that I’ll probably enjoy the most because I want that space to be entirely ours.

BedroomThe bedroom for me is a sanctuary that allows me to escape from the daily grind of life. That means, I’ll be using this place for sleeping, relaxing and pampering myself in all sorts of ways (wahey, cheeky). So this room is going to get a lot of attention when it comes to designing the space.

I thought I’d share some things that I’ll be considering when we finally get into our place. I cannot wait to get started and I feel like these next couple of weeks are going to fly by.


Colour Scheme

Colours are personal and reflect your personality. I’m torn between two colour schemes at the moment which are grey and mustard yellow or grey and dusty pink. I think both these schemes are something that I’d never get bored of and I think they’re also on trend and will remain on trend for a long time.

I want to make sure I incorporate the secondary colour (either pink or yellow) into other aspects of the room whether that’s the decor we eventually put on the walls to the vanity table accessories.


Quality That Lasts

One of the pieces of furniture we ordered prior to moving in was our bed. We wanted to splurge on this item as well as the sofa because we wanted them to last us a long time. I got inspiration for the bed when I saw a velvet divan bed from the sleep station. I loved the headboard and frame of the beds that have that rolled finish. 

Unfortunately, size limited us in length so we had to go with an alternative headboard but I’m happy with it because it’s handcrafted and looks incredible. Quality really does trump price for me when it comes to our new place because I want things that will last and will therefore save us money in the long run.


Personal Touches

A bedroom is definitely personal so I love it when people show me their bedrooms and they have personal touches within them. I think it’s a lot more interesting than just seeing a room with no personality, no pictures of family or friends and nothing that has a history or a memory attached to it.


Minimalist Approach

Like the rest of the flat, we’re going into our new place with the less is more attitude. We’ve cleared out a lot of stuff that was cluttering up our own bedroom so we’re certainly going to keep our new bedroom free from any hoarding.

I think having a cluttered space will have you avoiding that room so it’s important to be strict with what you keep.

Have you decorated your bedroom recently? Let me know what you did in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. All words are my own.

Design A Bedroom You Won't Get Bored Of


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