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Oh Paris. You were wonderful. It’s only now though as I go through photos that I realise I have so much content available and I really want to share with you, my readers, what I got up to during our time there for Sam’s birthday. So first up was Villa Verdi, a restaurant we found on the first night of being in the city.

Villa VerdiWe arrived pretty late and therefore weren’t really fussed about where to go, especially as we hadn’t explored the city yet, so had no clue as to what was where. Villa Verdi was a quick 2 minute drive from our hotel and had the best ratings for food in that immediate area so we headed there.

The restaurant was a stone’s throw away from the Eiffel Tower and the road it was on was reasonably quiet and tucked away from any hustle and bustle going on nearby. By this point it was pretty quiet anyway but it was nice to have somewhere relaxed after just stepping off the plane.

NatalieWe were greeted by who we think was perhaps the owner of the establishment who had broken but very good English and sat us down on a table. The service to get a drink and order food was slightly slower than expected but this was late on in the evening and the restaurant was quite busy.

We ordered just a mains (which is unusual for us), I went with the tomato and mozzarella gnocchi and Sam had the creamy tagliatelle, both being very delicious. I have to admit that the Italians definitely make their dishes better than we make them here in the UK. It had so much more flavour and the gnocchi for me was cooked properly without being too stodgy or rubbery.

Villa Verdi InteriorFor our tipples we both tried this tasty blond beer called Grimbergen. It has a fruity flavour of orange and having never tried anything quite like it, I would have happily drank the whole barrel if we were on a more leisurely lazing about trip (where I could happily nurse a hangover the next day). 

As we were on holiday, I twisted Sam’s arm to share an ice cream sundae and we went with the amarena cherries which OMG WAS THE BEST THING EVER. The cherries were soaked in this delicious syrup and part of me regretted not ordering two. Natalie hates sharing food. 

Grimbergen BeerGnocciIce Cream SundaeParis is definitely a bit pricier than I thought (with Rome being much cheaper in comparison) but we were fortunate to have pre-booked ahead some of our main meals so we didn’t end up spending too much whilst we were there.

After finishing our meal, we headed outside to take a few snaps of the Eiffel Tower. Villa Verdi was the perfect start to our trip and we went to bed that night with full bellies and ready to face the weekend exploring this beautiful city.

Have you ever been to Paris? Let me know in the comments below what you got up to whilst you were there.


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