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I’ve managed to get myself back into Pinterest and I think the main reason was a little engagement from my now fiancé and now I’ve suddenly found myself planning a wedding. Therefore I need all of the inspiration that I can get. As well as a wedding, we’re also planning on buying a place of our own so I’ve also started some Home Decor boards to give me ideas on what I’d like each of our rooms to look like.

Home DecorPinterest is like a giant search engine for those who haven’t really heard of it before and I’ve managed to find some beautiful decor, furniture that I never thought about having, and ways of styling a room. So let’s take a look at some of my ideas for our new home. Of course, take these pictures with a pinch of salt because a first time buyer like myself is not going to get all of this.


Living Room

Sam has certainly been drilling into me that he wants our home to be minimalist and have very little in terms of clutter. The colour schemes of grey, white and black are Sam’s inspiration whilst I want the same but with an injection of colour. Pastel pinks, indoor plants and wooden features like Tradoak fireplace beams and wooden shelving units are what I’ll be looking out for when dressing the interiors.

I want our living space to be cosy so I want plenty of plush cushions and thick, knitted throws to be a feature on the sofa. I really love the geometric light shades which would look so pretty against white and grey. One of the items that I definitely want in my living room is a rug that’s Moroccan inspired. After our trip to Marrakesh, I would love some elements of the Moroccan decor in our home.


Kitchen | Dining Room

Like many other people, I’m obsessed with rose gold and I’ve actually collected a number of items already for the kitchen. I’m also legit considering getting this marble/wooden chopping board even though it’s £50 – it just looks so good! I love the storage ideas in some of these photos from the way the cutlery is held in drawers to the labelled mason jars. I’m also living for that gold wine rack. IT’S SO EXTRA.

Kitchen Pinterest


Now realistically, is there going to be standalone bath in our first home in London? Probably not. However a girl can dream. Again, I’m loving labelled storage boxes and one of the features I’d really like in the bathroom is a ladder towel rack. I’ve been actively searching for the perfect one but I’m holding until we find a place.

Bathroom PinterestA few other products like the bath stand and the sheep toilet roll holder are really cute. I also love those deep sinks with the old style handles. 



When we finally buy our own bed, I want it to be so cosy, with a thick plush duvet that I would struggle to get out of every morning. I also want to be able to have a proper vanity table and dependent on space, a desk for work space which would be used by both myself and Sam.

BedroomI love the wooden and rose gold notes in these photos and I would love a mahogany set of drawers and wardrobes. I’ll need a bookcase for all our books and some floating shelves for our photo frames full of memories.

This has just gotten me so excited for owning our own place and I cannot wait to make it our own with all this beautiful furniture.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored collaboration with Tradoak. All words are my own.


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