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You may have seen me harp on about LoveMeBeauty quite a lot if you are a regular reader of my blogs. Since it’s transformation into a more tailored service to which has seen the arrival of Phase Zero Makeup, I’ve been pretty impressed by what they’ve churned out so far.

Phase Zero MakeupMy last review was of the gorgeous formulated matte liquid lipsticks which I’ve been obsessively using because they smell like Kinder Bueno. No kidding.

Anyway, I was kindly gifted a heap of individual eye-shadow pans alongside the ones I’d ordered as part of the subscription, so I had plenty to try.

With LoveMeBeauty‘s subscription, you get a certain amount of credit (depending on how much you want to spent) and this goes towards buying products from the shop. The products are all at factory price so the point is that you are paying much less for high-quality products.

The individual eye-shadow pans are all shimmers I believe so if you’re a matte kind of girl, these might not be your favourites. As someone who likes matte but also likes combinations, I was willing to give these formulas a try on their own and with other branded matte eye-shadows.

Eye-shadow SwatchesBright Light is an iridescent white whilst Snowball has that similar tone but with a gold shimmer added. Pearl and Nude Newbie are very similar. Both have that bold shimmer that is pretty much in each of these individual pans. Pearl is more golden where Nude Newbie has more of a pinkish hue to it.

Banana Beige is quite a subdued shimmer, bordering on matte. It’s a warm tan shade whereas Goddess is a florescent gold. Both Goddess and Snowball have a more gritty finish which I’m hazarding a theory that it’s the gold shimmer in them that’s causing the formula to alter slightly in these pans.

Cocoa is one of my favourites because obvs – it’s brown. It has darker tones in it compared to Warm Taupe which is more of a rusty golden brown.

Phase Zero Eyeshadow SwatchesCashmere is very similar to Warm Taupe but I’d say is slightly darker and has less of the shimmer. Coffee Cup is another favourite of mine which again is close to being a matte. I liked using this with the lighter, more pearl toned shimmers because it gave a bit of depth to the creases on the eyes.

Mush-a-Boom is a metallic, almost grey shade and one that I’ve not tried yet. Velvet is just…velvet. It’s a very luxurious colour and finally Party Dress is a mixture of black and blue shimmer. Again, the texture of this one is the same as Goddess and Snowball so I’d use some sort of method to catch any fall out.

Phase Zero EyeshadowsOverall, I’m pretty impressed with the formula. There is a little bit more fall out but that’s expected with shimmers. I’ve created some really pretty looks with this palette and with it being my first time using individual pans, I’d say I’m converted.

What do you think of Phase Zero’s individual eye-shadow pans? Let me know your favourites in the comments below. You can also receive £5 off your first purchase with the code NATALIE5.


*Disclaimer – This post contains PR samples.


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