Blogging Goals For This Year

I cannot believe that it’s May already. I feel like this year is just racing by but I’ve managed to do so much within those four months. We’ve now got our own property, we’re engaged and planning a wedding – it’s just LIFE GOALS right here. And talking of goals, my focus on my blog has only grown stronger these past few months. So I thought I’d brainstorm some blogging goals.

Blog GoalsUpYourVlog was created because I wanted an outlet for my writing. I’ve always loved writing and one of my dreams is to write a book (which I’ll hopefully do one day). I didn’t imagine that UpYourVlog could actually make a very sizable income in such a short space of time. It just goes to show that if you work hard and have the passion, good things will come your way. So here are some of my blogging goals.


Earn £12,000 With UpYourVlog

Ok, so you may scoff and think, Natalie there is no way that you could earn £12,000 in a year. But I kid you not, the blogging industry as a business is alive and kicking. At the end of last year I worked out that I’d made just under £6,000 on my blog during 2017. With that goal under my belt, I set myself a target for 2018 which was ambitious to say the least, but I’m shocked to admit that I’m close to reaching last year’s target already.

Yes UpYourVlog is my passion but it’s also a business and one that I’d like to be successful enough for me to live off it as an income.


Instagram Stories

So Instagram stories (if you follow me…) is something I’ve been hooked on recently and I seem to be getting such better engagement on these videos than on my Instagram photos – stupid algorithm. Insta stories are like a halfway point to YouTube and I love to use this as a way of sharing products that I’ve received and sharing my day to day life with friends and strangers who come across my profile.


Hire A VA (Virtual Assistant)

I recently paid someone to do my social media scheduling for Twitter. Unfortunately it had to cease for the time being due to Twitter’s rules changing. This means it will be difficult to just repeat posts that contain the same link or that are similar.

Therefore I’m probably going to need to hire a VA (virtual assistant) who can handle most of my social media promoting because it does take up a lot of my time and I could do with that extra time to work on my blog and also pitching to new clients.


Finish Blog Updates

So I transferred over from Blogger to WordPress just before Christmas and I had planned for the month of January to work on updating EVERY SINGLE BLOG POST. Turns out that never happened but I’m slowly getting through the first one hundred of blog posts. Only another 600-700 to go…


Work On Pinterest

So Pinterest I’ve recently discovered is a fantastic way of getting traffic to my site and I’m not obsessed with creating pins to go at the bottom of my blog posts.

Do you have any goals for this year? Even if you aren’t a blogger yourself, let me know in the comments below.

Blogging Goals

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