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So there’s been a bit of a change with LoveMeBeauty, the beauty subscription service that I’ve been obsessed with since I believe, the Summer of 2017. It was such good value for money and I got some amazing products from well known brands, including ones that I’d never tried or heard of before. It’s recently collaborated with Phase Zero Makeup, giving their members the opportunity to get these products at factory prices.

Phase Zero LipsticksAs of yet, I’m not sure whether this is a permanent collaboration with Phase Zero Makeup or whether it’s a limited time thing which means that perhaps in the next few months, we’ll be seeing some other brands in the shop area of the website.

I’d initially managed to get two lipsticks with the credits I had through my membership. However, the cuties at Phase Zero Makeup HQ decided to send me another five for me to try out. Just an FYI that I got two of the Postbox Red lipglosses hence why there’s only six featured in this collection.

I couldn’t help myself in trying them out straight away to let you guys know what I thought of them. Since I’m obsessed with LoveMeBeauty, I knew that the company worked with really great brands so I had high hopes for Phase Zero.

The Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid LipsticksChai Latte | Gingerbread | Pink Suede 

So I’ve split what I had into three categories. The first is the liquid lipsticks and probably the favourite formulas of lipsticks in general that I love the most. I always go for lipsticks that dry matte because they are a lot more manageable and I find that they tend to last a little longer. 

Chai Latte – A very light nude with coral notes, this is probably my least favourite of the three liquid lipsticks only because it doesn’t really suit the pale skin tone that I have. I say that but I actually think it doesn’t look too bad on the photo below…
Pink Suede – Another light nude but this one compliments my skin tone thanks to it’s pink under tones. It’s quite a dusty peach once it mattifies.
Gingerbread – Possibly my favourite out of all the lipsticks I got was Gingerbread. Another nude but this one has more of a berry colour to it and OHMYGOD I love it.
LipsticksPink Suede | Chai Latte
Gingerbread LipstickGingerbread

The Lip Glosses

Phase Zero LipglossesAhhh the unwanted lipgloss. I have to admit I tried to keep a neutral mindset on these because if you didn’t know already, I hate lipglosses. I got the PostBox Red shade because I was determined to give it a go to see if it could alter my feelings for the lip gloss.

Dark Burgundy – A beautifully rich and regal purple with a orgasmic shimmer that would have any beauty blogger swooning. Unfortunately I couldn’t get past the lipgloss feel and as it’s a dark shade, it’s commonly known that it can appear quite patchy and this one sadly did.
Postbox Red – This a stunning red and looks very wet on the lips (yes I know it’s a lipgloss). Again, it’s a little patchy but definitely much better than Dark Burgundy. Like I said, lipglosses just aren’t for me.
Lipgloss LipsPostbox Red | Dark Burgundy

The Lip Topper

Lip TopperOh holy mother of Mary, I think this might be perfection for all those who love glitter and holo.

Holo Lip – A sheer iridescent lip topper that has a touch of pink to it. The product is meant to act as a lip topper so to go on just the lip or on top of a lipstick. I decided to feature this in it’s most natural form and I was pretty impressed with the pigment. Not as all out as I thought it would be but still packs a punch.
Holo Lip TopperHolo Lip

Overall I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with the Phase Zero lipstick range. I LOVED the liquid lipstick range because it smelt of Kinder Bueno and I mean, whoever decided on that scent can give themselves a well deserved pat on the back. The formula is very velvety and feels moisturising when applied. It dries very matte but not intense enough that it sucks any moisture out.

I’m certainly excited to try out more of the range as I believe they might be showcasing the eyeshadows in March’s shop. 

What do you think of Phase Zero Makeup? Let me know in the comments below. You can also get £5 off your first purchase with the code NATALIE5.


*Disclaimer – This post contains PR samples. All words are my own.


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