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Popcorn used to be the sweet or salty treat that you’d enjoy on a trip to the cinema but over the past few years, it’s become more of a regular snack and I’m not surprised when brands like Popcorn Shed are showing off these incredible flavours.

Popcorn ShedI got sent a variety of their award-winning gourmet popcorn to try and I was so excited when I saw all of the different flavours on offer. I’ve never seen some of these flavours in popcorn especially with the savoury ones.

So typically, me and Sam got through these packs within a day or two – who am I kidding, it was a day – and I though I’d talk you throught each flavour and which one I’d buy myself.



Berry-licious PopcornSo I’m starting off with the fruity one of the bunch. Seeing this colour on a popcorn is very strange because it’s a deep berry red and looks like it doesn’t belong on a piece of popcorn. Sam went through this pack so I only got to try one piece.

I must admit, I’m not completely bowled over by this flavour. Probably because it’s berry flavour and in my head I don’t associate fruit with popcorn because popcorn isn’t exactly the most healthiest of snacks. Sam really liked this flavour but it wasn’t for me.


Pop ‘n’ Choc

Pop n ChocOnto every chocolate lovers dream. Now these looked hella decadent in the bag and I believe they were the most calorific of flavours. However, the taste definitely makes you forget about the guilt of eating these bad boys. They’re not too bitter or too sweet, it’s the perfect chocolate covering.

These would probably get a little sickly after one bag though.


Salted Caramel

Salted CaramelHoly Jesus, when I saw this flavour I was so tempted to open them but I held the urge because I hadn’t taken any photos yet. This was one of my favourite flavours. I love sweet and salty popcorn mixed together so this was a more intense and tasty version.

It had the right amount of sweet caramel and then you had that sharp burst of salt. SO GOOD.


Say Cheese

Say CheeseI got sent two savoury options and this one was one of my favourites. Containing cheese dust, this was a subtle but tasty, cheesy snack. The flavour wasn’t as consistent on every popcorn piece but I think that was good because otherwise, it would overpower it a little.

I would never have put cheese on popcorn but it’s one that works so well.


Sweet Cheesus

Sweet CheesusI love a good play on words so the Sweet Cheesus flavour had me chuckling. This is very much like Say Cheese but has a more intense cheesy flavour. I thought this would put me off especially as I appreciated the subtly of Say Cheese but I was well and truly impressed with this one. I would have actually eaten a second bag…and maybe a third.


Butterly Nuts

Butterly NutsAnother bag that was wolfed down by Sam, this nutty popcorn again wasn’t one of my favourites but it did bring something a little different to the average popcorn. I think this could rival your typical salted nuts option down at your local pub.


Pecan Pie

Pecan PieAnd finally but by no mean’s least, the PECAN PIE flavour. I was foaming at the mouth with excitement at this flavour. Pecan Pie has been a dessert that’s been pretty new to me and I’m obsessed with it. So to have it in a popcorn flavour…well Sam was never going to stand a chance with this one.

It’s a subtle flavour to start off with but you definitely get the pecan pie flavour with the more you eat and I ate the whole pack in less than a minute.

Popcorn Shed, you have yourself a new customer because I am obsessed with these flavours. My favourites being Salted Caramel, Pecan Pie and Sweet Cheesus. You can buy them online via their website for £3.50 per shed and yes the packaging of these are sheds. Or there’s offers where you can multiple snack packs like I got for £19.98.

Which one do you think would be your favourite flavour? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer – I was gifted these products in return for my honest opinion. All words are my own.



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