Horse Riding | Why I Never Tried It


Horse Riding. It’s the one thing that I’ve always wanted to try but when I was younger, it never really spurred any interest in me. For me, it wasn’t part of any of the options of activities that I could do during my free time growing up. Although, I’m very much sure that my parents would have happily taken me to horse riding lessons if that had been my main passion instead of acting.

Horse RidingIn all honesty, the thought of riding a horse scared me for a number of reasons but looking at it now, I feel as though if I were given the opportunity to go riding, I would. In collaboration with horse feed suppliers Spillers, I’m explaining the reasons why I never tried horse riding.


Fear Of Falling Off

This was probably the biggest contributing factor of not taking horse riding lessons when I was younger. As a kid, you don’t really have any fears but for me, I didn’t like roller coasters growing up. Now you might ask, what does that have to do with horse riding? Well to explain my fear of roller coasters would be better defined as I didn’t like being high up and not enclosed in something.

Being on a plane is fine because I’m in something. Yes the risk is probably still as great as going on a rollercoaster or riding a horse, but rollercoasters and horse riding require you being open to the elements


Not Being In Control

As well as the fear of falling off, it’s the lack of control that I find difficult to get past. We cannot verbally communicate with animals so if I jump on a horse and he/she doesn’t like me, there’s no stopping that horse from going cray cray. For me, that lack of control is something that I’d need but I think with the right guidance


The Stigma

I don’t know about you guys but horse riding was considered to be uncool at high school. Obviously I don’t think that now but back then, in an environment where you are trying to find yourself and fit in, I didn’t fancy being an outcast. Now for anyone who did horse riding from an early age, please don’t take offence as it was merely the vibe I got from others. I never reacted any different to those who were horse riders, if that helps my case.


Lack Of Confidence

For those who really know me, I think they’d probably find it hard to believe that I was once VERY shy. I didn’t have much confidence in myself and in social situations other than round family and family friends. It wasn’t until I was at a local drama company, that I flourished and became much more confident. 

Horse riding does take a lot of confidence as you are doing something that could potentially be dangerous and just getting yourself onto the horse is probably the most nerve-racking part.

I would love to try horse riding now that I’m older. It seems like a really liberating and fun experience that I’d love to see if I’m any good at.

Have you ever been horse riding or are you like me? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Spillers. All words are my own.

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