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University feels like a distant memory to me now and rightly so because it’s been four years since I’d graduated. And only recently have myself and Sam moved into a place of our own. Before we lived with other people both here in the city and back at university. Ideal Flatmate wanted to find out what living with flatmates was really like and how we managed to live together.

FlatmatesI took the girls to Wetherspoons (I know we’re totally classy ladies) and I thought we could reminisce over a few cocktail…pitchers. I was visiting the girls in Coventry where we were spending a weekend of catching up and having all of the giggles. We all live in cities across the UK now, myself being in London and we have all had experience of flat sharing so I wanted to get their view on how they cope with sharing a property.


Respecting Privacy & Space

One of the things that cropped up in conversation was the respect for other housemates privacy and space. Sharing a flat or house together, no matter what the size is always going to be challenging. Whether it’s sharing with three, five or even seven people (which we did in our third year), having your own space or wanting your own privacy can be tough.

We all agreed that honesty is the best policy and that whenever there was an issue on this matter, we’d always talk it through instead of silently stewing away and therefore straining our friendships.

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Have A Social Life Without Your Housemates

Just because they are your housemates, that doesn’t mean you have to be committed to them by spending every single second joined at the hip. The girls and I, all had different social groups that we were part of and therefore, I think it kept our friendship strong because we weren’t tired of seeing each other 24/7.

Living in the big city of London was the same, we made sure we had other friendships, so that we didn’t rely on one another all the time.


Divide Your Responsibilities

University lifestyle came with heaps of laziness which often transfers into households even outside of university. Depending on numbers, we always divided our responsibilities for the property out equally. Everyone handles different types of bills, everyone has various cleaning duties etc because if these aren’t in place, it can lead to fall outs and pointing the blame.

Communication is key when living with somebody so if there’s something that needs saying, say it.



Don’t Take What Isn’t Yours

I’m a culprit for this one and I think the girls can agree that we all did it at some point. Taking other people’s stuff whether it’s food, bathroom products or clothes should be off limits. Don’t just take without asking either because I can personally vouch that it’s not nice on either end.


If you do want to share then that’s fine but also make a rota or take note of who’s buying what. The last thing you want is to be paying for umpteen bottles of shower gel or ketchup when the other housemate(s) aren’t buying their fair share.

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Do you have experience flat sharing? Let me know whether you lived happily ever after in the comments below. 


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