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Yep, it’s time for more wedding chat, mainly because it’s cropped up in conversations numerous times recently and I’m now at the point where I’m actually getting a little excited about planning the wedding. For me and Sam, we’ve been spending our money on the apartment and therefore the first few months wages have been solely focused on that. But since last month’s blogging income was a hit for my target goal, it’s got me excited for planning the big day. 

WeddingsNow I don’t want to cut corners or scrimp on our wedding because I’ve never really been like that by nature. If I want something, then I’m going to pay for it and that’s my prerogative even if it’s something that I’ll probably slap myself for buying it later on. But we’re not all millionaires, so how do we save money on what’s considered to be the most expensive days of our lives?


Don’t Say It’s A Wedding

Whatever aspect of a wedding it might be, when you’re buying something and you say it’s for a wedding, they seem to add an extra 0 to the end of the fee. Now there’s really no requirement on your part to mention it being a wedding. So things like the cake that might be more easy to attain without saying it’s for a wedding could save you a hell of a lot of money. For me, the cake I think will be a ‘nearly naked‘ cake so it’s one that can be done by most confectionery companies near me.


Hen Party Fun For Less

Now I’ve always wanted to go abroad for my hen party which means that it’s probably going to be costly. For any trips abroad, always book in advance and shop around. Luckily, a hen party means a group so try looking at Airbnb as they have lots of choices including villas and group accommodation in the UK and abroad.

Hen party games are also a must and from experience, the best games tend to be completely free. At the last one, the bride to be, took part in a Mr & Mrs challenge where she answered questions that were also asked to the groom and had been recorded. The bride then had to guess the answer. It was hilarious and so adorably cute.


Be Ruthless With The Guest List

Just because someone’s getting married, doesn’t mean they have to invite every Tom, Dick and Harry to their wedding. Some people prefer an intimate setting and I read a blog recently where a couple just got married on their own. A wedding invite shouldn’t just be expected so be ruthless with your guest list.

Yes you invited them to the engagement party but would you miss them if they weren’t at the wedding? Look at who you really speak to and who you’d miss if they weren’t there on your big day.


Get Creative With Wedding Favours

Wedding favours do not need to be expensive. You can get cheap wedding favours that mean a lot without having to break the bank. For example, at my friend’s wedding they had someone make all the place names in a little cushion fabric tag. These are a lot more sentimental and are likely to be kept than your standard paper alternatives. Perhaps you unknowingly have creative people in your family? You never know until you ask around so ask!


Keeping It Real With Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Whether you have one, five or ten bridesmaids and groomsmen, you do not need to buy their outfits. Always be honest with your friends about what you are able to spend on them. They shouldn’t expect for you to fork out a whole outfit when they know you have a lot of other stuff to pay for.

If you’re a little more flexible with the attire for your bridesmaids or groomsmen, give them an idea of what you want and then they’re able to get something that will be similar to everyone else in your bride or groom tribe.


Go Digital With Invitations

Invitations are costly to send out so if your wedding party are mainly online, why not send it digitally? A lot of money goes into the manufacturing of your invitations and not to mention the postage costs, so go digital if you want to save the pounds. 

What advice would you give for saving money on a wedding? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Real Wedding. All words are my own.

Saving Money On Weddings

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