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Growing up, I had a very flat shape. I had no boobs and for me, this really affected my confidence and how I felt with my body. I wanted to have big boobs and a perky bum so when I started university, that’s when my shape started to fluctuate. Celebrating curves is important because we all have different body shapes and therefore we shouldn’t feel like having wider hips, thicker thighs or a bigger chest is a bad thing because it’s normal. Simply Be celebrates the curvy woman and they sent me one of their sexy and sassy babydoll nightwear to try out.

Simply BeAm I happy and confident with my body? The honest answer is no but I know in myself that I’m not overweight and neither is this little extra tummy fat causing me any health issues. But I’m much happier and confident with my body than I was in high school and that means that I’ve grown more as a person and I think it’s also one of the many elements of my personality that has got me to where I am today.

Being curvy is nothing to be ashamed of and yet there is still a stigma within society that gaining weight is something we should look to get rid of. Whether that’s going to the gym or getting cosmetic procedures to reduce our body shape, the current fashion industry and media still favour the skinny girl.

Babydoll Simply BeSimply Be Babydoll NightwearThe biggest frustration for me is that some fashion brands don’t think about how they tailor their clothing. Some of the huge, commercial fashion houses create beautiful outfits but forget that a Size 12 does not have a A or B cup chest. So then the difficulty of finding something that fits a big chest but still fits the rest of the body is challenging to say the least.

I’ve never worn anything by Simply Be before because I never used to be a Size 12. However, they cater from a Size 10 upwards. Are they excluding smaller sizes, yes but when they go up to a Size 32, you have to admit that this brand is covering more body shapes than any other high-street store.

When it comes to underwear, sizing is my biggest pet peeve. For some reason, a bigger cup means you have to wear something that looks ugly. I cannot understand how a cup size limits the design because it’s so frustrating when you want to wear something sexy but they don’t cater for it in your size. This Amy Black & Blush Balcony Babydoll number is super sexy and elegant and for a DD, you get a beautiful design that fits properly – YASSSSSSS!

Babydoll NightwearAnd it really does fit and feel beautiful. The underwire doesn’t dig in and the straps are comfortable. The balcony style looks so pretty and adds that little bit more security to keep everything in place so there’s no chance of any breast pop outs as you get out of bed. Come on ladies, we’ve all had that….right?!

It’s £28.00 which I think is more than reasonable for the material and design. With 29 sizes, this is the perfect babydoll to suit all plus size and curvy shapes.

What do you think of this babydoll gown? Have you tried Simply Be before? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Simply Be. All words are my own.


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