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I’ve certainly started taking care in my appearance over the past year or so and that’s not for anyone other than me. I’ve realised that a little pampering here and there in the form of an eyebrow wax or a regular haircut can do wonders for my mood. Getting rid of body hair is something I’m not entirely fussed about but Veet’s Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler, has kind of got me obsessed.

Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty StylerNow I really don’t care about letting my hair grow, I mean if I know I haven’t got anything special going on for a few weeks, I’ll just let nature take it’s course and by that point my leg hair is very much challenging that of my partner’s. This little device that Veet very kindly sent me is a great way of doing a little shaping and touch up of body hair whether that’s re-shaping my eyebrows or removing the hair from my upper lip.

The beauty styler comes with two shaving heads, one for precise styling which is on the left. I used this for the eyebrows and facial hair. The one on the left is a slightly larger head that you can use for the bikini line. They don’t look it but they are both pretty powerful so you have to be careful because I had the tiny misfortune of making the error of getting too close with my brows…

Shaver HeadsThe shave is a pretty close one, I wouldn’t say it completely removes the hair like a wax would but it’s great if you’re in between beauty appointments and or just haven’t got the time.

After doing my brows and upper lip, I was looking at what else I could save on my face and I noticed some baby hair down by my ears. I hadn’t really been bothered by it but now that I have removed the hair, it looks completely different and it’ll also make a big different when I’m applying my contour.

Eyebrows Before AfterEyebrows Before & AfterBaby Hair Before AfterBaby Hair Before & After

The device also comes with shaving guards and a small bristle brush for easy cleaning of the razors. It’s also completely waterproof so that means you can do the shaving whilst in the shower. YAS!

It also comes with a handy travel pack so you can shave wherever you go to your hearts content. It’s battery operated which is simple and I found no issues with removing and switching up the heads once I realised you twist and pull instead of pulling because that’s how you break things Natalie.

Veet Travel PouchThis beauty styler is going to be so useful for when I am too busy to go to my beauty appointments. It’s also a lot less painful so if you have no pain threshold like me, this thing is perfect for you. The Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler is currently available online and is £15.99 reduced by £23.99, so go grab it before it goes back up!

What do you think of this beauty styler? Let me know in the comments below if you’d buy it.


*Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for an honest review. All words are my own.

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