Jacked Wines | Exclusive UK Launch

Event invitations come in waves, so to follow suit from the Kiehl’s event I covered recently, I thought I’d tell you about Jacked Wines and their exclusive UK launch. I felt pretty special when they told us that we’d be the first people to try the wine before it was to be sold nationwide.

Jacked Wine EventJacked Wine is very much the millennial’s ideal creation. In a drinking society nowadays, you’ll either see a pint of beer, a fruity cider or a gin cocktail in hand. Jacked Wine wanted to create a wine that would appeal more to this market and therefore, is the idea behind their unique flavours.

There are no rules when it comes to this brand so when they unveiled their two products, Sauvignon Blanc & Ginger and Rose & Lychee, I was very much intrigued because you don’t usually get such interesting flavours in wine.

Wine GlassBoth myself and Sam didn’t get to the invite until a little after the wine tasting had begun, so unfortunately we missed out on the more complex information that only wine connoisseurs can give. Although knowing Sam, he’d attempt his wine tasting routine for anyone who’d entertain him.

There were bottles aplenty at the event and we were encouraged to try these wines with an assortment of fruits, including chilli which I of course, had to try. I must admit, it’s a little different. It’s probably not for everyone but I like that the brand’s taken a leap of faith. They’ve thrown caution to the wind, by flipping how wine should be, on it’s head.

Jacked White WineOne of my favourite combinations was the Sauvignon Blanc & Ginger that I teamed up with Chilli and Lime. It sounds like it should be a cocktail rather than a wine but it was a great mixture, with the chilli intensifying the ginger and the lime giving it a little more of a tart finish.

I also love the Rose & Lychee and I think Lychee is a great fruit to pair with what is normally a sweeter wine. I think this would also go great with either some fresh strawberries or raspberries.

It’s a great idea from Jacked Wine, that will hopefully make wine a little more appealing to those who don’t normally drink it. The unusual flavours will definitely be the main attraction for when comparing it in-store but I also love the graffiti style packaging. It’s engaging a younger audience which is missing from the wine industry.

Jacked Wine is currently stocking in Tesco’s across the UK and I hope that bring out a Red Wine, perhaps something a little more spicy, especially in the lead up to Christmas.

Jacked Wines

We left the event with two bottles each and I’m happy to say, we drank them pretty quickly. Well I say we…I did. Have you heard of Jacked Wine before? Let me know if you see it in store and tell me what you think of it if you buy it.

*Disclaimer – I was invited to this event in return for social media coverage. All words are my own.


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