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Seeing the Thatchers logo emblazoned across these bottles has thrown me back to the time I worked down in Devon. Thatchers Gold was the first drink that I truly enjoyed drinking, having only been partial to wine and larger during my college years.

Thatchers Family ReserveWhenever I see Thatchers Gold on draught now, I immediately pick it because that taste makes me all nostalgic. My godfathers owned a beautiful pub in Scorriton called The Tradesman’s Arms. It had the most stunning backdrop view, which attracted many hikers and travellers walking or driving through the countryside.

Thatchers Family Reserve is a new addition to the Thatchers range and is a sparkling apple wine. They sent a gorgeous hamper with three full sized bottles and  a beautiful glossy book of the history of Thatchers. We had some gorgeous weather over the past week so I wanted to make the most of it and have our little tipple outside, picnic style.

Thatchers HamperThatchers WineWe’d actually not had the chance to sit out in our communal gardens, so this Somerset sparkling apple wine was the perfect accompaniment for our first little outing. The wine label on the bottle is very luxurious looking and it’s one I can see being drawn to if I were shopping in-store. We laid out our picnic blanket and popped open a bottle. 

I didn’t really know what to expect. I’m big fan of prosecco (and I guess most of the drinking population feel the same) so I was hoping that this would be a similar but alternative option. The sparkling wine is described by Thatchers as being champagne-style cider and I would agree to that description.

WineWineAs it’s a sparkling wine made with apples rather than grapes, the wine is sweeter than prosecco and a little more tangy. It’s still got the fizz of champagne but the taste is definitely more like cider. It’s a little drier to my liking but mine still went down a treat. I don’t think it was for Sam though but he’s never been a big fan of cider in general.

The history behind the wine is quite an intriguing one. Rediscovered by the Thatchers brand, the recipe was crafted by William Thatcher back in 1904 at their family farm in Somerset. So it’s a very old recipe that’s not had it’s time until now, when sparkling wine is very much at it’s highest in popularity for drinking.

Sipping WineI think for me, this sparkling wine is a suitable alternative for when prosecco stocks are low. It’s a very drinkable wine and would go very well with a savoury hamper of snacks on a sunny day at a local park or for special celebrations.

You can get six bottles of this wine for £59.94 which works out as £9.99 a bottle. That’s pretty good pricing for sparkling wine. I definitely think it’s worth a try if you’re a fan of prosecco and cider and I will certainly get through the other bottles quickly this Summer.

What do you think of Thatchers Family Reserve Sparkling Wine? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored collaboration with Thatchers. All words are my own.


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