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The bedroom is a sanctuary for me and therefore when it came to decorating our bedroom in our new place, I wanted to get everything right. From the vanity table to the headboard, I picked out things that I really wanted, regardless of the cost (within reason of course).Yorkshire Linen has bedspreads for the colder season and are just one of the ways you can refresh your room. 



Try A Different Colour Scheme

As we head at full steam into Autumn, a new season means a fresh colour scheme for your bedspreads. Colour trends that are popular right now involve a lot of vibrant colours. At the moment in our bedroom, we have grey and mustard yellow, a colour scheme I think is pretty much perfect for this time of year. I think if I could alter it slightly though, I would add in a few bursts of warm orange to really pay homage to Autumn.

For those seeking a little darkness in their life, moody hues of dark green, blue and purple will certainly reflect our dark evenings aswell as adding a whisper of elegance to the room.


Add Layers

Layering is what literally saves me during these colder nights and it’s of no surprise that it’s the same when it comes to my bedding. I love thick, cosy throws to sit at the bottom of my bed, keeping our tootsies warm.

Changing up my duvet tog is another way of making it even harder to get out of bed in the morning, as well as a thick and fluffy mattress protector.


Experiment With Patterns

Just like colours, Yorkshire Linen offers a variety of patterned bedspreads which can add a little dimension to the room, especially if the bedroom limited in space. From floral to geometric, patterns show your guests that attention to detail is something to take pride in.

I am a creative person at heart, so find plain decor very limited and boring. Patterns are a way of showing off this creativity which in our case is quite important because our walls are all cream and bare.


Switch Up The Material

Whether it’s Satin or Wool, changing materials can often have a dramatic effect on your overall mood. Wool for me is the ultimate cosy material and it makes me feel more relaxed when I’m around layered in it. Satin is a more luxurious one that would be more suited for the warmer nights of Summer.s

Revamping a bedroom doesn’t need to cost the earth. Just doing one of the above can transform a room entirely and make you fall in love with the space all over again. How would you refresh your bedroom? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Yorkshire Linen. All words are my own.

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