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As a couple who don’t own a car, the idea of a rental car either used for a quick trip away or abroad can be a valid option. However, as someone who hasn’t even driven before, I’d have to rely on Sam to know what car would be suitable, seeing as he is the only one who can drive. So what makes a good rental car? Money4YourMotors asked me that very question, so here are my top tips.

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Go With What’s Comfortable

I may still have a green driver’s license but I know the difference between a manual and an automatic. When picking out a rental car, try to go with something similar to your own car. I know that’s pretty obvious but I can imagine, being offered an array of different models and makes might sway your judgement and lead to getting a car that you don’t feel comfortable driving.


Research And Compare

Even though a recommended car rental service might be the most convenient, it isn’t always the cheapest. If you have time, do your research and use comparison sites like Travel Super Market or Sky Scanner to see which companies offer a deal that’s right for you and your budget.

Comparison sites also offer useful tips on insurance as well as reviews from users who have already used said company’s services.


Check The Small Print

Different companies will state their own rules when it comes to hiring a car, so be sure to read the small print when renting to avoid any nasty fines. Things like the fuel policy are important, some may expect you to return the car with a full tank whilst others might not. Age restrictions may also apply where some may charge a premium if you’re under or over a certain age.


Take Photos & Document Everything

A rental car is not yours and therefore you need to always treat it that way. Be sure to take photos of the car, both the interior and exteriors. We’d like to think that everyone has a moral compass but some people may take advantage of already existing damages to the car that weren’t made by you. And then unfortunately, it’s your word against there’s.

Document everything and treat it like you would with any deal or contract, when something is not fully owned by you. It’s always best to cover your own back.


Question The Add-Ons

A rental service may offer you additional add-ons to the car, for example a Sat Nav. Sometimes, it’s best to questions some of the add-ons they offer to you, as they’ll likely want to up-sell the service and therefore you end up paying more than you expected to spend. 

With a lot of things nowadays, you can always find a cheaper alternative. Our phones for example offer exactly the same as most Sat Navs do, not to mention apps that you can download.

Have you ever rented a car before? Let me know what you’d recommend in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Money4YourMotors. All words are my own.


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