How Being A Blogger Has Helped My Home


Being a blogger is such a creative outlet and through reading blogs, pinning obsessively on Pinterest and watching home tours of vloggers, I’ve learnt a lot of important tricks and tips when it’s come to decorating our first home here in London. 

CoffeeFor our situation, we don’t need to do any home improvement because the apartment is a new development and therefore, it’s brand new. However, the challenge came when we started buying furniture and other bits and pieces to go in each room. We suddenly had to get our creative caps on and decide on some colour schemes for each room and make a very quick decision on what type of bed and sofa we wanted.

So how has being a blogger helped me with my home? Well it’s helped a lot actually and I wanted to share those findings with you because it’s pretty awesome being a blogger.


Thinking Outside The Box

When it comes to home interiors, I was never really someone who would actively look at home trends or invest any time in creating mood boards for my future home. All that changed when we had the opportunity to buy a home. I obsessively pinned and still do pin, on Pinterest and that has single-handily made me think outside the box when it comes to styling our home.

London living space isn’t great for what you get with your money so we don’t have the benefits of having a small en-suite bathroom or a private garden. However, it doesn’t mean that I can’t bring nature inside and have already got a terrarium going on my coffee table along with plans to get some indoor plants in other areas of the apartment.


Discovering New Brands

I never realised that I could shop anywhere else other than John Lewis but through blogging, I discovered so many new and interesting brands that gave me more ideas for different pieces that I wouldn’t normally go for. For example, our dining table is coming from a independent company called KONK! who custom make beautiful furniture that’s modern but has that rustic element to it.

I would have never thought to buy something like this but through numerous bloggers who’ve showed off their sense of style, it’s definitely made me more open.


Letting In The Light

We have these gorgeous big windows in each room that flood the flat with beautiful daylight and we recently had a quote for some blinds (which were astronomical) so we’ve decided that for now, we’ll just go without for a bit. I’ve never really wanted anything other than blinds as interior shutters or window shutters aren’t suited for these windows and neither are curtains.

However, the lack of anything on the windows has really benefited me as a blogger. We have a lot more natural light which means we’re using less of the electric around the home during the day and it’s great for me as a blogger when taking photos instead of having to use artificial light. It’s also helped us save money on our electricity as the natural light and lighter evenings means we don’t need to turn on any lights until around 9pm.


Discounted Deals

I’m not going to avoid the fact that I’ve managed to get a quite a few items in our home at either a discounted price or complimentary due to being a blogger. I used my cheeky charm to get a great deal on our coffee table and my vanity table in exchange for a blog review and promotion on my social media platforms.

Having these discounts has allowed us to save money which has gone towards furniture that we wouldn’t have gone for because of the cost. Our biggest buy apart from the sofa and bed, was our custom-made dining table which we’re extremely excited to get once it’s been completed.

Blogging has definitely helped a lot with our new home, not just through the decor but also in contributing to our mortgage offer. The dream is always to go full-time with blogging and I hope that day comes soon.

Has blogging directly helped you with your own home in some way? Let me know how in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. All words are my own.




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