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A smile can transform a face, wouldn’t you agree? It can also have an effect on your own mood because whenever I see someone grinning from ear to ear, it makes me happy. I would say that the majority of my photos nowadays are of me pouting as I don’t like smiling much in photos. Except for the one below obviously. So why don’t I like showing my teeth? I’ve collaborated with Tooth Doctor to discuss my dental insecurities and I feel it’s certainly something many of us are conscious of.

SmileSo I’ve always had pretty straight teeth, even though I feel like I could have looked after them better of the years. But alas, I loved sweet treats too much as a kid and now as an adult, coffee and fizzy drinks are my guilty pleasure.

Growing up, I’ve always been a little conscious of this small yellow thing that’s sat on my front bottom tooth for longer than I can remember. I think my dentist put it down to a calcium build up and said I could get it removed if I wanted. As a kid, this option wasn’t really made available to me until later on in life and now I’m not bothered by it. But certainly as a child/teenager, I was cautious about letting people see it and I think that’s why I was sometimes hesitant to smile.

Now that I’m an adult, I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to going to the dentist. I already mentioned previously that I’ve not been in a while and the fear of a dentist is real for me because I genuinely feel as though I’ll go in and they’ll want to pull out all my teeth! I kind of need to get over it soon though because I’m well overdue a checkup.

I have noticed recently as well that I’ve suddenly gained some wisdom teeth. They haven’t fully pushed through but they have caused a bit of pain in the past and have also pushed my teeth slightly out of line. In terms of cosmetic procedures going forward, I would certainly consider a number of dental services.


Teeth Whitening

My love of coffee started when I worked in my godfather’s pub back in 2011…ohmydays. And ever since then, me and coffee have been in an intense relationship. As a result, my teeth have certainly yellowed and stained as a result and although I’ve dabbled at DIY teeth whitening, I think it’s worth getting it done professionally. I certainly want to get it done for my wedding day because I’ll likely be getting my gnashers out on this big day.


Teeth Straightening

Invisalign is something I think a lot of kids back in high school would have killed to have instead of the traditional metal braces. I think as an adult, it’s rare to see braces but I would certainly think about investing in them if my teeth got any more out of place. The cost of Invisalign is more expensive but nowadays there’s plenty of practices like Tooth Doctor who can do a flexible payment plan to make it more affordable.


Dental Hygiene

I don’t do enough when it comes to keeping my teeth clean besides brushing them two times a day. Getting a hygienist to go all in on my teeth would probably make the world of difference and likely reduce the number of times I get morning breath. BLEGH.

It’s important to talk about our dental insecurities no matter how big or small they may be and it’s great to hear that Tooth Doctor is encouraging more conversation on this topic. We should all have the confidence to smile and show off our teeth! Do you have any dental woes? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Tooth Doctor. All words are my own.

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