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Myths About Relaxation

Do you relax as much as you should? There has been a greater focus on having a healthy mind as of late. In this blog post, we are going to look at some of the biggest myths about relaxation.

Relaxing*This is a collaborative post.

Relaxation is unproductive – One of the biggest myths out there is that relaxation is unproductive. As we are in a culture that is based on results, we feel like we need to achieve more, grow more, and produce more all of the time. If we are not getting results, we always feel like we should be doing more. However, by adding more demands on your energy and time, this can make it almost impossible to relax, and this can put a stop on your progress in any case because you end up burning out. Relaxation is imperative because it makes sure our bodies get stronger and that they recover effectively. Do not undervalue how crucial this is.

Relaxation is the same for everyone – There is a common misconception that activities are either relaxing or they aren’t. This is not the case. Some people find certain things relaxing that other people don’t. It is an individual to all people. For example, some people like to vape and use brands like Nasty Juice in order to relax. There are other people who don’t. Some people find it relaxing to paint or do crafts, whereas others simply find them stressful. We are all different and this certainly applies when it comes to the art of relaxation as well.

Once I have done *this* I will have time to relax – This is something that we always like to tell ourselves. We say that we will relax once we have ticked off everything on our to-do lists. However, the truth is that most to-do lists are never-ending. So, once you have ticked one thing off the list, there are still plenty of other things left to do. This is why we always recommend that you should schedule some time in for relaxation so that you make sure you actually get around to it.

Browsing the Internet or watching TV is relaxing – We’re not saying that you should not set some time aside for these activities. However, they are more for enjoyment, rather than relaxation. It is vital to recognise that there is a difference between relaxation and distraction. The Internet, social media, and TV have all been designed to captivate our attention. They can distract from the stress we are feeling, but they do not help us to unwind and relax. This is because our brains are active when we are using technology; they are not relaxing. Because of this, you will miss out on all of the advantages of repair and recovery.

As you can see, there are a number of different myths and misconceptions when it comes to relaxation and having a healthy mind today. We hope that the details that have been provided in this blog post will have helped you to have a better understanding.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. This post has been pre-written.


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