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5 Reasons Why Online Dating Doesn’t Work for You

Have you joined the online dating scene but find it disappointing? Do you think that dating apps are nothing but time sinks? Despite the massive popularity of online dating, many people agree that, without the right approach, finding a partner online is a time-consuming and often frustrating process. From your profile description to your conversation starters, every detail matters. And if online dating does not work for you, it can be challenging to determine the cause due to the sheer number of variables that come into play. Read on to discover five possible reasons why online dating does not work for you.

Dating*This is a collaborative post.

Expectations Are Not Clear

Many people sign up for dating sites and apps with a vague idea about what they want from their dating life. Moreover, some people don’t even admit to themselves that they want something different than what they show publicly. Maybe deep down they want a serious relationship, but they go with the flow and sign up for a popular hookup app. Others prefer casual sex but don’t admit it because this would limit their pool of potential dates. Setting clear expectations is crucial because it helps you not waste time and energy on interactions that cannot bring you what you want.

Fuck Buddies Vs. Soulmates: You’re Not Using the Right App

If online dating does not work for you, maybe the app you’re using does not make people’s expectations clear. Thus, people who want to find a soulmate are talking with people who only want a fuck buddy, which leads to general disappointment. When you use the wrong app, online dating can only be frustrating. So, define what you want and use an app that brings you close to people on the same page. Maybe you don’t want a committed relationship but prefer no-strings-attached sex with attractive strangers. In this case, using a fuckbuddies app where everyone wants the same thing can make online dating infinitely easier and more fun for you.

You’re Not Taking Advantage of Filters

Advanced search filters can significantly improve your online dating experience. Let’s be honest: everyone has preferences when it comes to their partners. Do you feel attracted to specific physical features? Do you want to date people with the same education level, cultural background, or age? Most certainly, some things catch your attention more than others when looking at dating profiles. Maybe online dating doesn’t bring you the outcome you hope for because you’re not using the advanced filters to their maximum capabilities. Set your preferred age, religion, location, or interests, and you will start seeing profiles that are a good match for you.

Your Profile Contains Little Information

Sharing too much personal information online is never a good idea. Yet, your online dating profile must give other members a chance to get a glimpse into your life and personality. If your profile is empty or contains little information, you’re not offering people an incentive to reach out to you. Detailed profile descriptions can help determine compatibility. And if you’re not willing to share things about yourself, others may suspect that you have something to hide. Avoid including outdated photos or information because this can backfire when you meet someone in person. Be honest. And focus more on your lifestyle, hobbies, interests, and personal goals than specific personal information.

You Limit Yourself to Chatting

Texting is the main way you can interact with people on dating apps and sites. But you can only reveal so much about yourself through texts. Many people find online dating dissatisfying because they dislike chatting or chat for too long instead of moving the interaction to other mediums. If you text multiple potential dates daily, but you never call, send photos, or set a date, the conversations will slowly fizzle. Chatting for too long is a trap because it doesn’t give you enough information about the other person. You only learn what they want to disclose and nothing more. Photos, video calls, and actual dates can give you significant clues about your compatibility.

Online dating can be a lot of fun if you set your expectations at the right level. Find apps and sites where people are honest about their expectations, values, and needs. Create a profile that reflects your best self but without making you look overconfident. And, last but not least, be ready to explore your romantic, emotional, and sexual side to the fullest. Whether you want casual sex or a good relationship, dating apps can open up many possibilities.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. This post has been pre-written.


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