Studying At Aberystwyth University

G’day Friends! Went on my morning run and got to experience the lovely view of the promenade. Going to university here in Aberystwyth was probably the best choice I could have ever made. When I first applied to go to university, I went for all drama schools and foolishly didn’t put down a theory based uni as a back-up. If you don’t know much about drama schools, they’re VERY competitive.

Aberystwyth UniversityFor every 3,000 that apply yearly(maybe more or less now) there are on average around 28 places on each course. Now that’s a lot of rejected applicants. I was one of them although I was glad to have got a recall for two of the schools (Royal Welsh and LIPA) that I’d applied to. So after failing to get in, I had to pick another university, baring in mind I was now in the later stages of UCAS. This meant I could only pick one university, with no reserve.

After not hearing anything from Manchester, I rang up Aberystwyth University after being told by my drama teacher at college that it was a good university to go to for drama. They said they could offer me a conditional placement on the day I applied. So after quickly saying my goodbyes to the lovely guy on the phone, I filled out my application form and seven months later, I was in Aberystwyth. I hadn’t even visited in before the move-in day. I would not have changed it for the world though, I’ve had the best three years of my life at university and it’a moulded me into the person I am today, more mature and confident about living independently.

Sorry to ramble today, was having an emotional reflection on the past three years of my life. Have you visited Aberystwyth? Let me know in the comments below. 

Studying Aberystwyth University

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