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I cannot believe that on Wednesday (16th), I’ll be graduating with a 2:1 in Drama and Theatre/Performance Studies….like how crazy is that?! Like me and many students who have already been or are graduating in the next few weeks, the relief that we’ll experience when we finally receive the piece of paper with our degree on, will be AH-MAZING! Providing I don’t trip up the stairs on the way up to collect it.

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The past three years have been incredible and university has provided me with all the life experience I could ever need in life! It’s the simple things like laundry and shopping for food that we take for granted when living at home, where the fridge is magically stocked full of goodies each week. Does that happen at university? For some, yes but the majority live on Super Noodles and other Poundland specials. During my first year, a lot of people including myself, preferred alcohol over good food. And hey, why not? You only live once!

Graduation Caps

As I’m writing this, myself and my family are travelling down to Aberystwyth! It’s all very exciting and I’ve already been recording some videos to go into my graduation vlog for next week! Look out for that one! And whilst you’re on my channel check out my latest beauty and hair haul!

Ooh and to give you a little update on my summer bucket list. I’ve now nearly finished my second book! I think I’ll aim for 10 books read in total over the summer holidays!

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