Attending A Wedding In Tisbury

So we were invited to a wedding this weekend. How exciting?! I hadn’t been to a wedding in ages and I LOVE weddings. This was also mine and Sam’s first wedding that we’ve attended as a couple. Cute right?! We made our way to the wedding in Tisbury which was literally in the middle of nowhere. We were feeling slightly worse for wear after the night before and decided to seek out the nearest pub grub in the town. Now, this was our first time in Tisbury, so when we got off the train, we were a little confused about where to go. There was a lovely looking pub that advertised pub grub so we walked in and asked whether they were serving food yet. Surprisingly and to our confused disappointment, they weren’t, as the pub had just changed hands and the new landlord hadn’t managed to hire a chef yet. Perhaps it would be a good idea to maybe take down the several boards/banners that are outside the pub, advertising food Monday-Saturday…

TisburyAnyway, we headed into town and walked to the top of the road where there was another pub. We asked a woman who we believed to be a worker there and her response was ‘Well, we don’t really do food on a Saturday…’

Ok, so again they also had signs saying serving food. Was this little town trying to starve us?! Give us a false sense of security?! Sam made a comparison to the town as being like what it was in The Hills Have Eyes film. Creepy! Anyway, she suggested we tried Beatons in the ‘town square‘. Now the reason I’m mentioning the town square is that I assumed that the top of the town was just of the town in general and the town square was down a different road. Nope. The town square was just the road we were on and the woman actually meant it was further down this one road. I couldn’t believe how tiny it was but maybe just being in London has changed my views of what’s a small town and that’s a big town. However, this place called Beatons actually served food so we were just relieved to find somewhere. The menu was a little restricted to lunches that were all ‘lighter‘ options. There wasn’t really a ‘heavy‘ lunch option available. But the food was good and I tried out the Peppermint tea, which was iced and it was delish. Sam’s parents and his sister Hannah, joined us soon after we’d eaten lunch and they themselves had a quick beverage before we made our way over to the location where the ceremony was being held and what a location it was.

The actual place was up in some castle ruins called Old Wardour Castle and it was stunning. The landscape was beautiful and the ceremony took place in a smaller building just off to the side of the ruins, which I believed was the Pavillion. 

Wedding PartyThe groom is from and has family in Scotland, so all the groomsmen and ushers were dressed in kilts. They had a bagpiper playing as you walked in and inside there was a 3-piece orchestra playing some beautiful music. The bride had actually made her own dress for the occasion which was so beautiful! On each chair, there was a disposable camera and a vile of liquid to blow bubbles which were a lovely touch. I love the idea of guests having an individual disposable camera. They can take their own personal photos of the day and then hand it in at the end. I bet there will be some lovely photos on there. It was also really weird how you obviously can’t see the photos you’re taking. It was pretty refreshing actually. I, of course, took some photos on my phone though to capture the day and to show you guys (but mostly for my mother).

After the ceremony finished we headed on up to the castle ruins where inside one of the low lit rooms there was a champagne and shortbread reception, which was again just so beautiful. The bride and groom then had the tradition photos with family, friends etc and then we all had a big group photo. The bride and groom got into a beautiful car and we waved them goodbye before following them to the pub where the buffet/main reception would take place. I definitely did not forget to take a picture of our room and the pub itself (sorry mum) but I believe it was called The George Inn, so mammy you can look it up on there. The links to all the places we visited will be down below.

The pub itself was really rustic and old which I liked and the rest of the evening was really lovely; full of speeches, games and laughter. Another amazing little touch was that they handed their very own hand made soap out to all their guests. I got myself a Cinnamon soap (surprise, surprise) and I can’t wait to use it when I get home. I might at some point have a go at making my own soap too. I’m currently on the train home and sorting out my plans for the next couple of weeks. So much to do and so little time! All I need now is more castings to come through. I also forgot to mention that my new video blog is up and I will pop the link down below when I get on my MacBook.

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