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Writing this on my phone as I’m on the move and forgot to bring my MacBook with me. It’s so difficult writing on my phone as I’m restricted to what I can use to edit the blog layout and the screen is obviously smaller than my MacBook screen. We enjoyed a night out in London yesterday and it was lovely.

Night Out In LondonMyself and Sam slept in till 12 in our big cosy bed. During university, we never had a double bed. In my first year I even shared a bunk bed, so now having a double bed is like a luxury for us. We had what was effectively a brunch, as it was too late to call it breakfast. We then ran ourselves a nice warm bath and I included one of my bath bombs to the mix which made the bath smell delish. You’ll see my Lush Haul next Friday so make sure you look out for that. I’ve never tried these Lush products before as I’m fairly new to the brand itself but they are amazing. I’m hoping to do a Lush haul every month if possible, even if it’s on a video or on a blog.

After getting dressed we needed to get into London as we were meeting up with two of Sam’s friends from Cardiff where he’s studying at the moment. If you didn’t already know (and because I’m a proud girlfriend), Sam is studying at the Royal Welsh Music and Drama School, doing a Masters in Stage and Event Management. One was from Texas (Kelsey) and the other was from South California (Corin). They were both lovely and we had a drink at this beautiful little pub near Charing Cross station called The Harp. It’s tiny inside, so with a lot of places around London, most people stand outside on the pavement. I chose a ‘proper‘ cider which was so tasty. No fizzy element to it so you know it’s the good stuff. It’s really weird to see people standing outside on the pavement drinking, most people look as if they’re having an after work drink, dressed in their suits and formal wear.

After saying our goodbyes we headed to Cafe Rouge or as my mother called it last night over Facebook, ‘Cage Rouge‘. My mammy and pappy had left me £20 worth of Tesco vouchers to put towards the meal, after coming down for their anniversary. We had olives and bread to start (typical starters for me and Sam). For our mains, I went for steak served rare and Sam went for the duck. I love Cafe Rouge, you can’t really go wrong there and their food is always delish! We then headed onto another pub and met up with Sam’s former boss and friend, Adam. It was a lovely evening and we ended it in Soho which is a part that I haven’t explored that much yet in London. I must do so as it’s a lively area.

For now, I’m saying my goodbyes for the day as we’re attending a wedding today. I’m so excited to go as it’s mine and Sam’s first wedding together. So romantic. Pictures and a blog to follow tomorrow.

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