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So Coconut Lane popped up in my Instagram feed one day and it was one of those sponsored ads so as soon as you click on it, you go immediately to that page. I’m so happy that I stumbled upon this brand because I mean when you see this gorgeous piece of casing, you’ll want one for yourself.


Introducing the Rose Gold Marble Macbook Pro Cover. I mean, I can’t stop holding it, I can’t stop looking at it and just generally showing it off to random strangers. Please note that this isn’t a collaboration or sponsored, I just wanted to show off this brand to you guys!

Coconut Lane is right on the mark with today’s trend and what we want as customers. They sell a range of home accessories, stationery, covers for your tech products, clothing and jewellery. All of it is genuinely something I’d want in my home and I was easily convinced of this when my little beauty of a Macbook cover arrived in the post. 

Rose Marble

The cover is made of plastic but has a matt, smooth finish. The marble though looks so real that you wouldn’t have noticed the fact it was made out of plastic at all. The case easily clips onto my laptop as initially, I thought I’d ordered the wrong size. The top of the case is marbled with the bottom being a matted white finish. It has vents in which is great for making sure that the laptop doesn’t overheat.

I also noticed that my Apple logo does show through the marble slightly which looks really cool but it’s not as prominent which I think is actually a good thing because it would say something about the thickness of the casing.

Laptop in laptop case

The case itself cost me £28.00 but I got a sneaky lil discount and ended up paying £14.00 for it. The price though is definitely worth the product. I would have happily paid the full price for it because it feels like such a durable casing that isn’t going to scratch or peel away easily.

Holding laptop

So if this little beauty tickles your fancy then even better news is that all my readers get 20% off with this unique code, upyourvlog20. So go my minions, buy all the rose gold marble you can and be the envy of literally everyone you know…even your neighbour’s cat.

What do you think of Coconut Lane? Let me know in the comments below.

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