Unlucky For Some And A Spontaneous Dinner Date.

You know when people say bad luck always comes in threes. Well that was what today was for me except I had the unluckiest morning which was made up by the rest of the day. The first of these bad luck moments came when I had just woken up. When you wake up but you’re still half awake and you check your phone and then sort of doze off. Well I sort of did that and then ended up whacking the top of my eye on the bedside table. I’m not exaggerating when I thought I’d given myself concussion. It was probably hyped up considering there would have been no one else to help me in my state. I was literally doing a Peter Griffiths pose but instead of my knee that was hurt, it was my eye. See below picture for reference of episode.

If you don’t understand this reference or haven’t watched Family Guy, watch it! You’re missing out on the best cartoon sitcom ever. 

So after I severely injured myself on the bedside table, I got myself ready for work with an already marked eye and a lump forming where I’d hit it. I waited outside my usual bus stop and suddenly a fel a drop fall onto my right hand side. I looked up and there it was. A pigeon perched on top of the lamppost with it’s butt out. I looked down in horror to see BIRD CRAP ON MY BAG. Stupid pigeon. If only that pigeon was a little closer I would have swung my bag at the disease infested thing.

Then I was late for work (the third of the three bad things). This was my fault for reading the rota wrong so what I thought was going to be a day that would only get better, had started off surprisingly worse. ANYWAY, a few more bad things happened but I’m over it! Why? Because I got to see my because I got to have a spontaneous dinner date with my lovely friend Hannah! We went to Pizza Express and I used my Natwest Taste Card which got me 25% off the bill. RESULT!

Look at this beautiful woman! So proud of what she’s achieved so far!

We shared lots of laughter and spontaneous get togethers are always better than planned ones. Plus this was kind of a celebration for her new job but I’m sure we’ll celebrate again soon!

Enjoy the rest of your evening!

Natalie-Ann x

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