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Even though I don’t have a vanity table yet to put this on, I had to buy it as part of my Ebay haul. I’m slowly turning my bedroom into the most Instagram/Pinterest worthy room of all time. It’s just going to take a while…but hey that’s where the fun is.

So I give you the Beauty Storage Organiser that was a steal at £8.84! (It’s now gone up to £9.89) The storage organiser comes as two parts. The top half is more suited for lipsticks, lip glosses and nail varnish, whilst the bottom half is suited for foundations, highlighters and anything else you can fit in. The only downside to this storage organiser is that the depth of the drawers isn’t great so a few things like my foundation wouldn’t fit in.

The plastic is thick, solid and not at all cheaply made. I love the lipstick organiser and they show off my collection of Rimmel lipsticks very nicely. I’ve used what would normally hold the nail varnishes to instead include my foundation, blending sponge and other lip products, including the one remaining lip peel product that I will probably never use again. See why here

This is a must have for any beauty enthusiast and I’d like to thank Makeup Savvy for making me aware of this bargain on her blog here. I don’t think it’s the exact same as this one has extra drawers. If you’d like to purchase this product, then be sure to click here to buy it!

I’m super happy that I purchased this. Now I just need a vanity table to put it on…

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