One Of Those Catch-Up Blogs.

Okay so I feel as though I’ve left it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long to be able to do a catch-up blog and to be honest it would take forever to read so I’ll just give you a brief overview of what’s been happening in my life up till the last time I wrote on here and then we’ll hopefully be back to the normal daily blogging!

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So it’s 2015 and if you don’t know me or I haven’t seen you lately then HAPPY NEW YEAR. I have a feeling that 2015 is going to be a good one. I started it off in the best way possible, being surrounded by all my best friends who I love dearly. It had been a bit of a stressful situation over the past couple of days with a major hitch but we managed to get everyone here to have a jolly good knees up. Thank you to all you guys who made this year’s celebrations just the best!

New Year Friends

Also my Christmas was fantastic. This year because Sam and his family were home this year, I got to spend Boxing day with his family which was really nice. It was unusual to be travelling on Boxing Day as I’d normally stay at home but I had a great time. I realise I’m working backwards in telling you what’s been going well but never mind. Anyway, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was just the best. I had managed to cancel a few shifts to get home early and thank heavens I did as it was super busy at the train stations. We watched Paddington at the cinema on Christmas Eve which I think the trip to the cinema as a family has become a little tradition over the past couple of years which I love. It’s just great being able to watch something as a family without (and yes I mean you mother) someone leaving the room to make a cup of tea or do other random things. Here’s another one of those photo collages of Christmas!


So since New Years has arrived I’ve been working non-stop since the 2nd January. Today as I’m writing this is my first day off and I’ve made sure that from now on I allow myself one day off a week. I’ve always been a hard-worker but I can’t be Beyonce so I need a day where I can recharge my batteries. And my version of recharging my batteries is having a spring clean of my room, sending e-mails, doing workouts and going to the pub quiz this evening. Hardly a stay at home, lazy day on the couch eh?! Anyway I’m now self-employed and currently working my butt off to bring in a healthy wage but to also utilise my time for auditions. I’ve got a casting tomorrow but not for acting, however I’m not going to tell anyone what it is until I know if I’ve got it or not. Fingers crossed I do because it would be a nice little money maker.

I’m probably gonna end this here so as not to over indulge you with a long blog. However, tomorrow if you go onto my YouTube channel at 7.30pm, you should see my next vlog as I’ve finally gotten round to filming another one. WOO!

Enjoy the rest of your lazy Sunday folks!

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