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The other week, I had the pleasure of attending MADE, in London. An event celebrating some of the finest and creative hand-made crafts, ranging from innovative wooden furniture, unusual glass designs and toys worthy of any toy collector. The event was held from the 22nd-25th October at One Marylebone, a stunning 18th century cathedral. This, accompanied with the three piece band, made for the most delightful atmosphere. Added to this of course, were the few glasses of complimentary bubbly and wine!



Presented by Tutton and Young ( who organise three visual events per year, two of which are the Made Design and Craft Fairs, is now running into it’s 4th year. Each year, they select 160 of the best independent designer makers, both in the UK and abroad.


The show has become extremely popular amongst the contemporary makers and as a result, the demand for space on this exhibition is apparent. Over 4 floors of designers were there to show potential buyers and existing customers their latest creations. I was able to bring a +1 with me to the events and it just so happened my housemate Sean was available. He really enjoyed exploring the exhibit, especially as this was something he’d never been to before.



Upon arrival we were given a programme with all the necessary details and information regarding the exhibition and it’s exhibitors. Before heading into the main gallery of the cathedral, we both grabbed a glass of wine (Sean with a glass of bubbly, I’d already had mine!) and made our way in. The band, which sadly has no recognition in the brochure, made for a very relaxing ambience.



A few of my favourites on the ground floor were…

Aline Johnson –

Aline’s work is simply stunning. Some of the glass design trick the eyes into thinking that the glass on the lights, looks as if it’s not glass but cloth draped over.



It almost looks edible, like something of Willy Wonka’s factory. The fusing of glass together makes for statement pieces that range from tea light/trinket holders to giant chandeliers.

John Egan and Peter Lanyon –


Two designers who’d crafted wood into various pieces of furniture. The finishes on the pieces were beautiful and you could tell love and passion had gone into making them. John Egan said that ‘all the wood is sourced locally just a few miles from where I’m based’, therefore his customers know the quality of wood is going to be the best and more importantly, locally sourced.


Emma Cocker –


By far the one of my favourites of the exhibitors, actually the favourite. Her child friendly, hand-made animal figures have a quirky yet similar look to that of mine and many people’s childhood stories. Take examples from Fantastic Mr Fox and author Beatrix Potter.


Emma was such a lovely lady and she had a real passion for her craft and for her business! 

Making our way to the first floor, not before grabbing another refreshment, we came upon another floor of wonderful designers. Since re-reading the brochure, I’m sad to say we managed to miss the fact there was a cinema. Something we both would have loved to see I’m sure. Some of the designers that caught my eyes were…

Emmeline Hastings

Emmeline’s jewellery was stunning and and such a unique look to other jewellery that featured in the event. 


Using beautiful materials such as gold and titanium, Emmeline’s jewellery set hers aside from the rest of the competition. All those little tabs you see on the bracelet above were also hand placed onto it! So intricate and detailed.

Maiko Dawson –


Maiko Dawson, is a woman who always loved sewing, from the age of six when she was first given her own machine. She loves working with leather and both her bags, shoes and accessories are so incredibly well put together. I loved how passionate some of these exhibitors were and how it showed through their products! I loved Dawson’s bags the most, what can I say, I’m a bag lover at heart!


Alison Lowry –


I loved Alison’s work, where she works with fused glass. She uses different techniques and makes the results in her kiln. She told us that every result is different and one that doesn’t go to plan is sometimes one of the best. The one in the picture above, I thought was a circle of trees but apparently that’s just the fusion of the glass, creating a random effect. 


And finally moving down to the Crypt (the Mezzanine Vault), we found a few designers whose crafts were so beautifully made!


Jeff Soan –


These were so adorable! Jeff’s wooden creatures were so beautifully detailed and held a great life likeness to that of the real thing! Some even had an element of musicality about them, including that of a Pangolin which given a scratch on the back with a wooden stick would produce a musical sound!




I wish I had a toy like this when I was younger!

Amanda Anderson

Amanda’s designs were so vibrant and colourful. Based in West Midlands, all her art is hand-made using stained glass. She finishes her mosaic with a dark charcoal to give them depth and a ‘seductive quality’.


The event was enjoyed by both myself and Sean and I’d definitely recommend you looking out for it next year in London or take a look at Tutton and Young’s website to see the future events!


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