Fashion Trends I Need In My Wardrobe

I’ve been reading so many fashion blog posts recently that I’ve been swooning over certain fashion trends. I’d just love to incorporate these into my Autumn/Winter wardrobe and with my birthday fast approaching…well I just think I should treat myself! I’m actually surprised that I’ve found myself clicking on more fashion themed posts because I’ve never really been involved in the hype of fashion weeks, catwalk outfits etc but I think I’m now starting to appreciate fashion more. Who knew?!

Long Coats

One of the big trends for AW16 is the long coat. I feel it’s a perfect overcoat for any shapes and sizes. I think it definitely adds a classy edge to any outfit whether that’s daywear or evening wear. At the time of writing this I actually found myself the perfect coat from New Look which you should look out for on my blogs in the next couple of weeks!

Big Sleeves

A slightly unusual trend at first glance but oversized and big sleeves have been a big feature on the catwalks recently. It’s also a trend that’s featured heavily on many blog posts that I’ve read. I absolutely love this trend and I think it’s a great piece to add a bit more glamour to an otherwise casual outfit.


Velvet is a beautiful material that I’ve currently got in shoe form from Erasmo Pagano. However, I’d love to find a velvet dress in time for my birthday. I think velvet is so glamorous without trying too hard and I’ve seen quite a few in various shops and online stores so I’ll definitely have to make a trip to the dreaded Oxford Street soon!

Shearling Coats

Shearling coats are beautiful. I mean, they are the ultimate forms of comfort with their thick inner lining and soft outer material. I would love this coat as alternative to my long coat for more casual occasions.


LAYERING. I am literally so happy layering is a hot trend right now, mainly because the idea of covering myself with layers of clothing is my idea of heaven. I love the white shirt and cream jumper combo in the above picture and it’s great to see so many variations of this all over blog posts, catwalks and during fashion weeks across the globe.

What is your favourite fashion trend at the moment?

Let me know in the comments below!

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