Celebrating Maria’s Arrival in London.

So my short stint at London Fashion Week has finished. I’ve met a few lovely people over the past few days and managed to promote my YouTube Channel in the process. Result!

This reminds me that I must get my business cards sorted out so that when I begin networking more, I’m able to pass these cards around like hot cakes.

Business Cards

So after finishing at the London Fashion show, I met up again for the second time in two days, Maria and Hannah. Me and Maria were treated by Hannah to a meal at the Fire and Stove restaurant. None of us had ever been to this place before and it didn’t disappoint in quality. However, we all thought that the service was pretty slow even though it wasn’t a big restaurant. Perhaps they were short staffed who knows? We were served by what me and Maria thought was a bedraggled, slightly less attractive version of Jamie Dornan aka Mr. Grey, however this was only from side angle. We had loads of giggles and just caught up on life really.

Myself and Maria tonight are going to take full advantage of our day off. We’ve decided on a full day to be pro-active with regards to applying for jobs, recording and editing videos, general daily chores and we’re even going to do a photoshoot for one another with Maria’s new camera. HOW EXCITING.

Best Friends

I must say, having Maria here is just the best. Better make the most of the free time she has left before she goes and bags herself a job!

Night all!

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