Oxford Street Shopping!

RIGHT. From now on I’m not spending another penny. I really have been treating myself these past couple of weeks after finishing with the Dream Lodge Group (which I’m actually joining again for the Grand Design Show!). Now though, it’s time to get back to work and earn some more money! 

Money Bags

Last night I was meant to write up yesterday’s antics but I was just too tired and I’ve done nothing today except applying for job so there would be nothing to blog about today anyway. So yesterday, myself, Maria and Hannah all went to London to shop on Oxford Street. I wasn’t going to go as I wanted to get loads of work done but they twisted my arm, especially Mammy Wyles on the phone!

No joke, we literally spent around 2/3 hours in Primark alone. If you’ve never been to the Primark on Oxford Street then definitely go if you love the brand. It’s 4 floors of madness! I didn’t spend too much in there thank goodness as my bank balance wouldn’t be able to cope. Afterwards we managed to grab some late lunch and head on over to New Look. By this point it was nearly 7pm. So in total we visited two shops! Ha!

Look out for a video that’s going out tomorrow evening, Elliott’s B’day!!!

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