Saying Goodbye AGAIN & More House Hunting.

Never do long distance because it sucks. Some people can deal with it, others can’t. I’m in the can’t section right now.

Every time Sam has to go it literally feels as though there’s a big cloud full of crappy bird poop over me. I’m exaggerating now but you get my point….perhaps?

We spent the last few days just relaxing and seeing friends. The weather made it even better as it has been absolutely gorgeous these past few days and it’s getting me so excited for summer! Today, seeing him off (though quite rushed as he was cutting it fine getting the bus) it was again super hard to see him go. We’re on the final stint of his course in Cardiff so within the next five weeks he’ll hopefully be back down permanently. YAY!!!!!

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After saying our goodbyes, myself and Maria met up with Sean to do a little more house hunting. Tonight’s finds were much more hopeful and hopefully we’ll have secured an offer on a house in Wimbledon. I can’t believe that we’ll potentially be in London by the middle of May. How crazy is that?! Time moves so fast and it’s actually nearly been a year since I moved to London. It makes you think about how life can just pass you by so quickly. You have to make the most of every second. It seems like only yesterday that Sam came down and those five days we spent together went so quickly.


Anyway, time for me to catch up on some much needed applying to castings/jobs etc before I catch some zzz’s. Also something very exciting is happening tomorrow. I will try and get a couple of pictures for my blog tomorrow night.

Keep you’re eyes peeled.

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