Freeze Mob & 100th Post!

What an eventful day it’s been today! By the way, this is my 100th post on Blogger. I started this blog more or less a year ago now and I’m planning on stepping it up a notch this year. I’m currently at 5,900 views and I want to reach 10,000 by the end of May! So make sure you keep reading my blogs and sharing them with the world <3

So today I took part in a freeze mob. Now when I told my mother this, she didn’t understand what it was. Basically freeze mobs are similar to flash mobs in that they’re done in public places to attract attention. Most of the time it’s done to promote something. Perhaps a new show or a product or an event…

The Actors Centre

I met the company and everyone else involved in the project at a place called The Actors Centre. I’d never been there before, don’t actually know what’s in there either as we were told to wait outside. They then gave us a number which we were to hold onto for payment purposes and they also give us the answer to what we were promoting!

Natalie Blakely

COSMETIC TREATMENTS! We wore very thin ‘lab coats‘ and we went to three separate locations in a busy area in London and mingled around the crowd until the air horn went off. We then popped on the lab coats and moved towards each other before striking a pose and holding it for a minute. The whole experience was very interesting, a lot of people stood around looking bewildered and it was a great opportunity to be a part of a freeze mob for the first.

Later on this evening I had another event that I worked at for a book launch and then I headed home to the arrival of Maria and Hannah waiting for me, bearing pizzas, garlic bread and coca cola! Perfect end to a great day! Love these girls so much and I’ve missed spending some quality time with Hannah Banana.

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