Making Fruit Smoothies and Gaming!

Finally got round to buying some more fruit and freezer bags to make some delicious smoothies. A few weeks ago now – probably over a month ago actually – I brought myself a blender. A Breville FAMILY SET Blender. I love how I brought a family set even though it’s only me who’s been using it up until this point. I’m going to try to encourage my boyfriend and my housemate to use it over the Summer time as I think it’s a great start to getting fit and keeping healthy. Plus I have multiple containers because it’s a family set….


So once I brought all my fruit, I spent a good 15-20 minutes chopping it all up! I had kiwis, apples, bananas, a pineapple and some mango! This was my first time chopping a mango so it didn’t go entirely to plan but the main thing was I didn’t waste too much of the fruit. I then bagged it up into freezer bags and popped it in the freezer. I made 20 bags in total. Now for a small amount of fruit, that is a lot of smoothies to keep me going for the next two weeks. NOM NOM NOM!

I waited up for my housemate tonight because he was brought into cover a shift at his work. He managed to finish early, much to my delight, and we brought a few bottles of Cobra and played on the Xbox One. We got all nostalgic playing the first Halo that had been remastered and made better graphically for the Xbox One. I forgot how much I loved Halo. I’m not you’re average run of the mill girl. I enjoy playing video games and drinking lagar. I grew up with two brothers, one of which I’d play on Halo with all the time when I was younger. Playing it with my housemate Sean was just so much fun as we both had a mutual agenda that was to kill as many aliens as possible.


Overall, it was a pretty great day! Now I need to sleep.

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