I’m literally so excited to see the family this weekend, you have no idea…


For anyone whose fortunate enough to be living with or close to their family, I am extremely jealous of you. I don’t think I’ve seen my family since June and being so close to my family in relationship, this can be often extremely difficult. It was made worse after finishing university and moving down to London. Sure, I had more time on my hands to call my parents every so often, to which I’d answer and deliver the open sentences with any of the following prank calls:

‘Hey there! My name is Barry Scott and I’m here to talk to you about Cillit Bang. BANG and the dirt is gone.’

‘Hello is that Mrs.Redman. Hi there, I realise you requested insurance for you’re house. I give you cheap car and home insurance?’

‘OHH, You ordered chinese take-away?’

Unfortunately the pranks are becoming to apparent so I’m going to have to switch my game up to fool mammy Redman. But seeing them in the flesh is not the same as talking to them via phone call or skype. When you just want a cuddle or some home-cooked food, it’s not as simple as a quick 10 minute walk or 5 minute car journey. That’s why I try to make the most of my time back with them as I possibly can. Just being in the same room as them is enough for me to feel home again!

This weekend, we’re celebrating my brother, Ashley’s 19th birthday. I’m sorry but WHAT? He’s 19 years old. How is that even at all possible? I’m gonna sound typical here by saying ‘He’s grown up so fast’ or ‘I remember when he was my annoying younger brother’. I can’t believe he’s going to be 19. The sad realisation is knowing that when Alfie (my youngest brother and occassional featurer on my YouTube Channel), turns 18, I will nearly be 30.

Kill me.

That’s half way to 60! Now I’m not meaning to wish my life away but the adults were right when they told us to stay young and enjoy childhood. I WISH I’D LISTENED! Now I’m getting old!

Oh well. Life goes on. Very fast.

Live long and prosper. (Sorry I recently watched both Star Trek films)

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