Mini Primark Haul.

So depending on when I decided to film my Mini Primark Haul, this is most likely to have been published after the video. I recently went to Primark because it’s cheap and cheerful and they always have some great clothing in there (if you’re brave and willing enough to tackle the hordes of clothing). As we’re approaching the winter months, I’d recently gutted out my wardrobe of any clothes I wanted to get rid of and give to charity. I then replaced my summer clothes (sob) with my winter essentials. I made the realisation that I just didn’t have enough clothes to keep me warm during these horrid weather conditions. Therefore, I started off with a little haul which I’m sure within the next few weeks, will follow up with a few more items!

The first thing I needed wasn’t exactly winter wear but I desperate needed some proper gym wear after using a weird mixture of my own wardrobe. 

I brought some lovely lycra style leggings that cut off just around mid calf. They are super comfy and stretchy which is essential for those squats! The padded bright neon crop top is great as a support for the lady lumps. The worst thing to have in the gym is an ill fitted bra that becomes quite painful when you’re running on the treadmill. I have a grey slimming top that is made out of a quick drying material so there will be no awkward sweat marks!

The best realisation during my trip to Primarni was that I’m now a Size 10 when it comes to jeans/leggings etc. Hard work pays off as I used to be a Size 12! 

Next up is the jeans! I’ve got around three pairs of jeans already but they’re are all in dire need of an update. Therefore I brought some autumnal berry coloured, skinny jeans and some white washed skinnies! These are both beautiful and super comfy and they’ll go great with any sort of top and a chunky cardigan. I also brought a red tartan skirt. It’s made out of a thinner material but it gives me that Kylie Jenner look (see below) but with more of the skirt!

To keep warm during this cold weather but to also stay cool. I brought a nice wooly beanie and a couple of sunglasses. I want to look proper hip and totally idiotic wearing a beanie and shades combo. Don’t hate me cus you ain’t me!

I also brought some sports socks for use in the gym and some tights which were desperately needed! This is only the start to my winter wardrobe but hopefully it gives you some ideas of what to get for you’re wardrobe.

Natalie-Ann x

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