8 Problems Of Being A Tall Person.

Woah! I didn’t see you there, you’re so small from where I’m standing…

Yes, you guessed it. It’s another one of those list blogs. This time I show you the problems tall people face throughout their life. I can relate to this one personally because I’m not…petite. Gone are the days where I spent my school years in class photos, teaming it up with the guys on the back row. I know how terrible that sounds but I without fail would always be standing at the very back row of the class year photo. Surely it would make sense to just sit the tall people on the chairs and have the tall people standing on the benches.

Oh well….here goes nothing.

1.  The weather is much more colder at 5ft8.

It’s warmer in the North Pole!

2. You get that look that screams ‘Help me’ when someone can’t reach something above them.

Hey you, yes you tall person. Serve you’re purpose.

3. Low hanging branches are you’re arch nemesis.

4. And watch out for those door frames.

5. You HAVE to go in the front seat of a car, or prepare to get serious leg cramp.

6. You can’t wear really high heels.

7. There’s always someone who has to say ‘JESUS, look how long you’re legs are!’

8. And growing up meant changing you’re clothes every few months.


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