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It felt good to get back into a running routine this week for the London marathon. After having to take nearly a week off because of my knees I didn’t really know how things would go. But I know now that resting was the right thing to do as my runs this week felt pretty amazing. I took it easy on my 1st run just to prevent any more pain in my knees, then as the week went on I felt like I was really beginning to get into a rhythm & routine.

London MarathonI’ve realised I’m starting to learn what the right conditions are for my body to function at its optimum level. Granted I have a long way to go, particularly on the nutrition side of things as I haven’t really fully committed to that side of training yet. But I feel like my pre & post-running routines are starting to shape into something that work really well for me. Here is what I’ve learnt so far:



  • My pre-run routine takes 20 minutes at least (I’m so slow at getting ready..)
  • I change into my running gear first
  • Go to the toilet for the 1st time (that’s right..)
  • Then I do my stretches – I like to know that I’ve not missed a single part of my body so I start from the head, roll those shoulders, pull those arms, get those hips moving & make sure those legs ankles & toes are raring to go.
  • Final toilet check – ok there’s no shame in it, anyone who has gone on a run for longer than 30 minutes knows that as soon as you get that feeling it’s game over, so I take no chances!
  • Make sure my latest podcast & Strava are ready
  • Finally, I turn on the small light in our shower & get my towel prepped for my return. This is so important to me as on a cold winter evening there’s nothing better than leaving with that warm cosy image in your mind to come back to – a nice hot shower.



  • Cool down stretches, lots of them! I do the same full body routine but a bit slower & spending longer on my legs as they’ve worked their socks off.
  • Get my muscle roller & roll out those calves – I was given this for Christmas & honestly, it’s changed my life. Goodbye, sore calves!
  • You guessed it, time for a nice hot shower with dimmed lighting to wind me down.
  • And finally, a good cup of tea follows to really help me relax.

I’ll be interested to see how my routines develop throughout the next few months, especially with my eating habits as my runs get longer. So here’s a summary of my week:


Week 3 Run 1 – 15/01/2019

Decided to take it very easy on this run as I was a bit nervous about my knees after resting them for 6 days. However, I was pleasantly surprised! Only slight aching at the start & I think that was mainly my body warming up into the run. Week off to a good start!


Week 3 Run 2 – 19/01/2019

You know when you just have a run where everything is perfect? That was this run. Maybe it just felt that way because I was running in the morning, but everything was perfect. The temperature & weather was just right, my body felt stretched out, I had no niggles, no stitches & the time just flew by! Hope more runs can be like this.


Week 3 Run 3 – 20/01/2019

Ok, I knew I shouldn’t be doing runs in a weekend, I’m going to learn to keep at least one days rest between them as it won’t benefit me in the long run otherwise. I’d had a busy weekend of seeing family & catching up with good friends so going for a run was the last thing I wanted to do, however, sometimes once you get out there you’re fine & that’s what this run was. As soon as you get out of the door & moving the rest is easy! I feel like I’m starting to get into the swing of things.

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