Five Ways To Save Money

Money Money Money, ain’t it sunny? In a rich girl’s world!

Money has so many qualities, it can be used for bad, for good, to create careers and destroy careers. It can change a person into someone there not or show their true colours. Either way, we all need it for pretty much everything. Few things are now free in life right?

Here’s my top five ways of saving money. Whether you’re saving for that latest gadget or for a holiday far far FAR away from the UK, here’s some tips on helping you get one step closer.

1. Set yourself a target of saving a specific amount each week.

Depending on what you’re income is like, whether it be weekly or monthly, set aside a small amount every week. It doesn’t have to be a lot, anything from £5-£20 is enough. If you have another bank account, make it solely for savings and put that money in! Alternatively if you’re like me and you’d spend it if you saw it accumulating in you’re bank account, draw the money out and pop it in a jar or piggy bank!

2. If you’re faced with spending you’re money on something, ask yourself whether you REALLY need it.

I am so money conscious it can sometimes be a very negative thing but it helps me sometimes stop spending money on things that I don’t actually need. Before spending you’re hard-earned money, why not first decide whether you actually need it and secondly, try Amazon to see if it’s cheaper! The amount of products I’ve found on Amazon that are mere pounds or more, less than in stores is incredible.

3. Sell items that you haven’t used in over a year.

Ever stumbled upon an item of clothing or an old phone and it’s been sitting in the wardrobe or door for over a year. If you’re not using it then sell it on Ebay. There are so many websites that are happy to take you’re old phones and any electrical gadgets, gold, Cds and Dvds that you’d be crazy not to search these out and get some extra dollar! Alternatively, car boot sales are still a thing. I remember when I was younger, doing the odd car boot sale with my Dad on a cold Sunday morning! Never again…jokes…

4.  Do you’re research when joining a bank.

If you’re fresh out of high school, but then again even by that point you could have a bank account. Try and find the right bank and the right type of bank account that will benefit you in the long term. Being with NatWest for instance gives me free taste cards that offer me either 2 for 1 or 50% off my food bill in certain restaurants. NatWest also provides me with a 16-25 railcard which gives me a 1/3 travel! Find out what banks can offer you if you’re either opening up an account for the first time or planning on switching banks.

5. Use the money saving expert website.

The website offers great hints and tips regardless of what you’re enquiring about, it’s perfect for finding ways to legally cheat the system and save money! Visit it now at

Hope these tips will help you save some money! I hope it certainly helps me.

Natalie-Ann x

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